Two 360s, One network

I have two 360s, and I’d love to have them both playing together on Xbox Live on my internet connection here at home. It’s not working, and so far the advice I’ve found Googling boils down to one of two things:

Method 1: Give both Xboxes static IPs, put one in the DMZ, and explicitly forward some XBL ports to the other one. I haven’t tried this yet.

Method 2: They’re always quite insistent that method 1 doesn’t work. Instead, they suggest “port triggering”, which I’m unfamiliar with, and making sure UPnP is active.

The big problem is my network is set up on an Apple Airport Extreme, which no one is talking about in the discussions I’ve found (and which doesn’t support UPnP or port triggering, as far as I can tell).

Has anyone had success in the very specific scenario of two Xboxes on Live from one Airport network?

No, it doesn’t. I don’t believe it’s going to be possible, because the ports they use are not fixed and vary within the same range.

It’s very unusual for routers to support neither, basically, which is why it’s explicitly listed as unsupported for the Xbox 360. It’s tough enough getting ONE to work…

Eventually we had some success, though I can’t figure out the specific factors that allowed it. Circumstantially, it seemed to work most consistently when we just stuck to partying up within MW3 and not creating a private Xbox party from the dashboard, but that still wasn’t a guaranteed fix. Oh well, thanks!