Two ant games? Empire of the Ants coming soon, and Empires of Undergrowth out now!

Just saw a press release for this:

and this is due soon too:

Epix made Ant Attack and Maxis made SimAnt so there were already two.

I meant it’s amazing there’s two in development right now. The Ant gaming army is demanding!

Empire of the Ants screenshots look pretty amazing on that steam page.

That Empire of the Ants description had me wondering: is this Pikmin with Ants? If so, consider my curiosity quite piqued; more games like Pikmin is only a good thing!

No UI in the screenshots, are those of the game or cut scene?

Empire of the Undergrowth is… fine. I’d hold out more hope for Empire of the Ants.

Apparently it’s based on a novel?? The summary of it sounds like Watership Down with ants.

I’m willing to bet they’re game screens. The game description says:

Photo-realistic - Unreal Engine 5 allows to push the boundaries of the photo-realistic effect on the plants and wildlife

…and I don’t think it’s too hard to hit that leel of photorealism with RTX these days.

It’s like Antz vs. It’s a Bug’s Life all over again!

I would rather someone just remade the Maxis Ant game. A good top town strategy game. That said, I barely remember the game, so maybe it wasn’t so great?

My guess is it’s probably like a Total War Warhammer screenshot where yes it is in the engine but they also have the depth of field set to parameters not even available in game because it turns out you need to see the background in the game but it does look neat in a screenshot.

But just a guess. I feel like there might have been a version of SimAnt on SNES that I played and maybe even kind of enjoyed but I don’t think the gameplay would be deemed very interesting by modern standards from the little I remember.

But can this be tolerated?






Reaching version 1.0 on June 7th.

Awesome! I thought it would never leave EA.

“Empire of the Ants” coming this November.

“2025: Year of the Ants!”

Gorgeous trailer.

So it’s not a video game based on the classic Bert I. Gordon flick? Darn.