Two nurses charged with murder for not treating inmate

Two nurses at a juvenile jail were charged with murder Tuesday, accused of failing to treat a 17-year-old inmate who died of a burst appendix after three days in pain.

In a scathing attack on the juvenile justice system, a Miami-Dade County grand jury said the women skipped examinations or falsified medical records on Omar Paisley, who spent his last days “in agony lying on a concrete bed.”

Although only the nurses were indicted, the panel said several people played roles in Paisley’s death.

“We were appalled at the utter lack of humanity demonstrated by many of the detention workers charged with the safety and care of our youth,” the report said. “At every turn in our investigation, we were confronted with incompetence, ambivalence and negligence.”

Well, hey, he was an inmate, fer cryin’ out loud! No need wasting medical resources, right? Right?

Hope their appendixes don’t burst while THEY’RE in prison.

Seriously, this prisoner has gotten his big laugh. He really needs to stop faking it now.