Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


I could get pretty excited about this.


Loved Theme Hospital so much. Can’t wait to learn more.


I feel sorry for those other guys, the ones they already have a Theme Hospital clone… but without any humor.


Wow, I didn’t even know that existed.


I swear when we get newer versions of old games, the rule of 2 kicks in.


This is the one I was thinking of, I thought it sounded pretty good. Be interesting to see which one ends up being the best of the two. I actually like the way this new one looks (art style wise) best.

EDIT - I misread your original post!


Two Point says mod support is planned for Two Point Hospital shortly after launch, and that online features include competitive challenges. Speaking to those, designer Ben Huskins says: "One of the things that we’re putting in is competitive multiplayer challenges where you’re playing the game as you would usually, but will start one of these challenges. There might be a bunch of different ones, like: How many patients can you cure in the next 12 months? Or how attractive can you make your hospital in the next half year?

I gotta say this is a little disappointing. I am guessing Theme Hospital wasn’t hugely played online, but it was available, and it was a lot of fun competing for patients and trying to take on emergencies you could barely cover for the cash before the other person claimed int. This sounds like one of those score, lite social media things games do to call themselves online which wouldn’t be nearly as fun.


Ew. Red flag. If I can’t opt out of those things, it’s a hard pass.

Please stop putting multiplayer in all of my single player games.


Theme Hospital, the original, was MP.


Well it’s been 20 years, I don’t recall MP :)

But really, it seems like everything in the last 10-12 years has had to try to force MP into it somehow. With a few fabulous exceptions (lookin’ at you, Witcher series).


I don’t recall the multiplayer in TH at all. Regardless, hopefully this new crap is an option that can be turned off.


I still have the box. I promise you it was MP. I played it heavily, MP, over modem and everything. You could set off dirt bombs in the other hospital, competed for patients and tried to grab challenges before the other person could… but only if you could cure them and not have them die. You also had to compete for building space.


I think I have the GOG version. I’d have to assume you could pick and choose whether you were playing alone or not?

I think what @BrianRubin and I mean is that if in the middle of the game it suddenly shunts you from having a good time to ‘do this challenge’, that’s what we don’t want.


Yeah I don’t want that either. Either full MP or nothing at all.

But please stop making SP games MP makes no sense when the franchise had MP shortly after it’s release, there was a patch I believe. It’s a separate menu you purposefully select, and was a hell of a lot of fun to play that way.


Remember when SimCity being online sounded like it might be cool?


I don’t, no. It sounded awful and it was somehow worse :)


Stop that. This was real. It is not imagined. They did it years ago! It worked well!



I’m talking about games in general, not just this one. MP is shoehorned into almost everything anymore. It’s tiring. That’s all I was trying to say. :)


I actually did think the SimCity stuff sounded fun. Building a city and working with a buddies city sounded like it might be really cool, the original demo they showed for that stuff was exciting.

But the reality was being online really bottle-necked a lot of the core gameplay in a way I really hope isn’t going to happen here.

Stop what?


You’re acting like this is something they would just come up with and can’t put together.

They literally made a MP Theme Hospital game, and it worked. It wasn’t some envisioned social media weirdo thing they did like they tried with Sim City.

Theme Hospital had MP. You don’t have to wonder if it sounds fun… it was there and it WAS FUN.