Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like

I think I may have burned myself out - my fault not the game’s. I tend to go all in. My problem is that if I put it down I tend not to come back to it.

Is there any scenario that I really should try to get to because it is different / better done, etc? I 3 stared 9 scenarios and 1 stared my current one.

If you feel that way after Duckworth, I would say that’s a frustrating hospital, and it’s actually games fault. After Duckworth, it goes back to normal but more challenging, like earthquakes, starting in debt, one or two with a number of infections… a couple where you can do some huge hospitals if you want and a few that force you to do the level V skill sort of thing. They’re challenging and long but if Duckworth burned you out, I would just take a few days or a week and then try again to see if you feel the same way. i took a few days after that one too. When i went back I found it way more enjoyable for the rest.

There might be one or two illness you haven’t seen too, probably one of the best theme ones. I think it might even be the next Hospital that has it. It made me wish they put more time with all their rooms to make it that themed and unique, would’ve have been cool.

DLC incoming!

Wow that was fast.

Free weekend.

Edit: The link preview shows the free weekend image, but once I post it switches… :/


The video shows off some of the crossover content.

Total War Three Kingdoms
Endless Universe
Half Life 2

Maybe it’s because lastly the games I’m playing are action games, but suddenly playing this, a chill strategy game, needed some adaption, lol. I haven’t played a tycoon game in a good while.

I got in the groove after a pair of hours, of course.

Downloaded; crashes on startup despite meeting min spec. Oh well, I guess that means this isn’t as much of a threat as I thought to my attempts to get through (a small proportion of) my backlog. Until I finally get around to building a new computer anyway. :)

Super Bugs!

Announcing The Superbug Initiative: Two Point Hospital’s latest free update! Read on for details of how to play the beta right away…
In this new mode, you may collaborate with your friends, and with others across the globe, to complete challenges and unlock whole new in-game rewards. Be sure to check out our Steam Announcement on the Two Point Hospital community hub for more information!
This feature will be available right away if you’ve achieved One Star in Mitton University in the game and you opt in to the beta by following these instructions:

If you’d like to dive right in, please do!

  1. Right click on Two Point Hospital in your Steam library.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. Click on the BETAS tab.
  4. Select twopointhospital_patch_beta from the drop-down list.

We’ll roll this out to everyone in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, please do give us your feedback!
We hope you have a great time and really enjoy this feature as much as we have enjoyed making it.

^Team Two Point


Nice. Or at least better than being bought by Epic :P

Their super bug event went well , so everyone gets free content!

As a hugely functional, massive scientific team, you’ve completed the Gyro-Nut research project and unlocked great rewards for everyone. Check out what’s available to collect right now:


Ohh I like where this is headed…

I sure would like to know what the new gameplay is. New illnesses and stuff is fun and all but new mechanics would be enticing, assuming that’s what gameplay is.

Looks like the base game and expansion (except for a retro art pack) are $26 right now. Anyone play this enough to have an opinion? Worth grabbing at that price?

I’ve enjoyed it. It scratched my Theme Hospital itch quite nicely. I keep meaning to get back to it and finish all the scenarios, but keep getting distracted by other shinies.

It’s fun while the fun lasts and is pretty cute and humerus. It didn’t seem to add much new stuff as I progressed, other than more diseases and their associated equipment.

It’s Theme Hospital with a slightly new skin, modern UI and game, and a lot of fun. It didn’t invent much in terms of new wheels, but I played the entire campaign and enjoyed it. I did not go back to do the seasonal things though, and there was only one maybe two levels I think I actually hated… and that’s because I wanted to max out each level and not just move on when I could.