Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


FYI: The specialist skills are better than the generic treatment or diagnosis skills. So Pysch 1 + 2 is better than Psych 1 + Diagnosis or Psych 1 + Treatment.

Also, as for your overflowing issues: Open the patients list and sort by status, putting the “reception” symbol at the top of your list. Watch it for a bit and as soon as a new person joins that list click on them and watch them get out of their car and walk into your hospital etc. Follow them through and hopefully you should see why there’s such a slow-down and what all of the stuff they walk into on the way is.

It’s probably in your reception / GP area. e.g. Maybe the corridors need to be 3 or 4 wide instead of 1 or 2? Or maybe you need more “stuff” for them whilst their waiting in the queue, and fewer chairs?


OK, I got things under control and got the 3 stars for the mission. Thanks for the suggestions @Nesrie and @Pod. I had to do massive kicking out of patients. I had to do a couple of passes going through the list and kicking out people with low happiness or health. Luckily I had saved up around 2 million dollars so I could absorb losses for a while.

I think there are a couple lessons I can take away from this.
1- Don’t wait so long to use price to try and reduce the flow of new patients into the hospital.
2- Try to do a better job of selling off rooms as I expand to keep other diagnostic services grouped with the GPs.
3- Start training sooner. I tend to wait for a while.
4- Pay more attention to where I have some walkway bottlenecks. Like @Pod mentioned there were a couple places that could have used a wider hallway.


I think I may have just hit it. Is it the one where you don’t earn money from curing / diagnosis, etc? I was OK with it until the goal was unclog 8 toilets. It’s going to take forever to get enough activity in there to get 8 clogs. I wonder if I need to start an ad campaign to raise my rep to get more traffic.

I had to abandon my first attempt but got 1 star on my second. I guess I’ll see how far I can take it.


Yep that’s the one. Hint: for the maintenance goals, you don’t have to wait until your janitors get around to it, you can summon them to your toilets early. You need to clear those goals as soon as possible. There are a couple of other gamey things i did to get my three stars in this area… which is why I didn’t like it as much.


I didn’t think I could do that before it was ready. That’s good to know!

I’m real close to getting my second star


I didn’t either, and I discovered it during desperate times playing this map.


Hmm, I just tried it and wasn’t able to assign him to the item. Were you saying you could assign the janitor to any toilet or one that is clogged? It makes sense if it is only clogged ones but for some reason I thought you meant any toilet.


What i am saying is if you click on the toilet itself, you can “call” a janitor to it sooner. So as long as it’s had minimal use you can ask someone to come and unclog it instead of wait until it gets down to a certian level. Does that make sense?


Yep, perfect sense. I usually drop people on things instead of what you mention, so it didn’t click with me. Thanks!


Urghh, that scenario was tedious. Finally got the 3rd star because I’m compulsive.


Yeah see I think someone thought hey let’s challenge the players by throwing everything on its head and making it hard. What they wound up doing though was just making a hospital that isn’t much fun to play. I didn’t feel satisfied when I completed it at all, just annoyed.


I think I may have burned myself out - my fault not the game’s. I tend to go all in. My problem is that if I put it down I tend not to come back to it.

Is there any scenario that I really should try to get to because it is different / better done, etc? I 3 stared 9 scenarios and 1 stared my current one.


If you feel that way after Duckworth, I would say that’s a frustrating hospital, and it’s actually games fault. After Duckworth, it goes back to normal but more challenging, like earthquakes, starting in debt, one or two with a number of infections… a couple where you can do some huge hospitals if you want and a few that force you to do the level V skill sort of thing. They’re challenging and long but if Duckworth burned you out, I would just take a few days or a week and then try again to see if you feel the same way. i took a few days after that one too. When i went back I found it way more enjoyable for the rest.

There might be one or two illness you haven’t seen too, probably one of the best theme ones. I think it might even be the next Hospital that has it. It made me wish they put more time with all their rooms to make it that themed and unique, would’ve have been cool.


DLC incoming!


Wow that was fast.



Free weekend.

Edit: The link preview shows the free weekend image, but once I post it switches… :/



The video shows off some of the crossover content.

Total War Three Kingdoms
Endless Universe
Half Life 2


Maybe it’s because lastly the games I’m playing are action games, but suddenly playing this, a chill strategy game, needed some adaption, lol. I haven’t played a tycoon game in a good while.

I got in the groove after a pair of hours, of course.


Downloaded; crashes on startup despite meeting min spec. Oh well, I guess that means this isn’t as much of a threat as I thought to my attempts to get through (a small proportion of) my backlog. Until I finally get around to building a new computer anyway. :)