Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


I want a way to copy rooms :) Making 12 GPs is boring! Maybe I can start ignoring prestige and the 1% training because I’m tired of putting posters on walls.

This guy did some testing, furniture effects do seem to stack:

“each medicine cabinet adds 2% to the room upgrades score and ~0.5% to the chance of cure score. The medicine cabinet is stacking additively with the upgrade score from the Drug Mixer II that’s in the room by the looks of it.”


Yeah they could improve in a few areas… I also want a way to copy items. Just click an item and copy it. I don’t want to scroll through their list all the time.


Yeah there’s a bug in pathfinding. There’s a patient that’s been stuck and ragequitting for 1400 days. I recognize the name. Something about looking for a conversation item. I deleted some items and moved them off the corridor but I can’t fix it. Eventually the hospital went all crazy and now the ward can’t be accessed.

No more 1-wide corridors, I think they cause too many issues.


Those 1% training posters work outside the training room? Does it cause them to rank up faster?

I had someone get stuck in the middle of a 2 wide corridor. I think he got stuck walking through the queue for the snack machine, or something like that. Not sure how to get rid of him. Maybe build a building over him, then edit it to bounce him out?


its annoying that all of the decorative items seem to be interchangeable. You can just stick 20 identical posters in every room to boost the prestige and it works perfectly. Its also surprising there are not more of those, given that all they are is a database entry and a texture…


Yeah there should be a calculation somewhere that kind of checks to make sure you don’t turn one poster into wallpaper to get the same result as if you actually about appearances.


its made because they already track that, it says ‘3’ already in hospital… so why cant they adjust based on that? (if they do… they dont convey it to the player).


I am kind of visual so I don’t want twenty clown posters in one room. If I mix or maxed based on just… stats maybe that would be the best choice. I just kind of add things and so long as my blue bar goes up or some other stat is being improved, it really is just aesthetics.


Unlock medicine cabinets and diagnosis bookcases, they are more useful. They help diagnosis and treatment and take up more space which is good because you spam fewer.


Yep I got both of those, and I add them to every room that can use them too. I feel like I have a ton of GP offices though, like way more the original required.

  1. BTW there’s a way to get K points in main map, click on career. Just found out I had 3000-4000 pts there. Would have been nice to know before.

  2. Make a bathroom just for staff, that seems to solve that issue, as long as they have free time. What I think happens is if they are too busy working they never meet their needs. The little free time they have, they go check bathrooms but those are always full because of the darn patients.

  3. It’s easier to sort out priority patients from the patient list. But ultimately the way to fix dying patients is to have more facilities of that type, and/or better physicians for that place.

  4. Reputation seems to affect patient supply. So if you’re overwhelmed with 10+ queues, raise your prices a bit. Still experimenting here, haven’t gone past 10% global.

  5. When you need to research a new condition and you don’t have a research lab, go back to the old map where you do have one.


Yeah I got that when I moved to Hospital 2 or maybe it was 3. You know you can restrict your physician specialists too right, so they stop going to the wrong room? I don’t think the tutorial tells you that, or I missed it.


Yeah, I figured that one out from job list. I don’t do that much thought - psychiatry restrictions, GP, maybe radiology. The rest doesn’t seem to be worth the micro.


I do research too. Theme Hospital seemed to do this better. I didn’t have to chase my researchers down and stick them in the research room very often. I hope there are surgeries soon too.


3 stared the first 3 areas, I like the customizable reception area.


Just unlocked them!


That’s a lot of staff room.


Does that second reception desk help?


Depends where the patients come in from. I noticed some patients came in from the street from a very far away building so it sped things up a tad.


You don’t say! Calelari on Steam.