Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


While I know this is a Two Point Hospital thread, I just noticed that the original Theme Hospital is on sale over on GoG for $1.19.

I realized the other day that the only copy of Theme Hospital I own is on CD, so I’m picking this up just to have it digitally.


I got servers for my research room! I love that they trickle down items to you as you play for rooms you already have, not just new rooms.


Not mine. That’s all training posters.

From 45 day training time to 9 day.

Hint: Place screen at 45 degree angle. That makes grid-snapping most effective. Finish everything then rotate the room to get the other two sides.

Anyway, I played the public hospital map. That was interesting.

See, you don’t get money from any treatments or visits. You just get money when you reach certain public targets. The first trick is to resist the want to expand and build more GPs. No no. The goal to get 2 stars is to cure 8 digitalmons. My epiphany occurred and I was able to live up to my hospital’s name - Non-Profit Death Panels. See, I got nothing out of curing anyone who wasn’t a digital glitch so… Like real life hospitals, discharge the fuckers you don’t want. Anyone who wasn’t digital was a drain on my system. They are Somebody Else’s Problem. If they die in your territory your Quality scores go down and your reputation suffers. This is very realistic! This is one of the reasons most quality metrics are fucking bullshit in real life too. It’s just a way for insurers and organizations to extract extra money from the system in exchange for paperwork.


There are a million things wrong with your views, but you can play your Two Point Hospital however you want. There is no realism in this game so really there is no need to try and compare it to reality at all.


Lots of realism in my game, for example look at my magnificent golden toilet. :)

Good guy @lordkosc puts the toilets right at the entrance!



Beta mod Sep 2, 2018.

Copy/paste rooms. Reenables disabled dev function. Dev warns it was implemented but not fully tested.


I’ve seen people saying on Reddit that it makes the save corruption more likely. So I’ll give it a pass until the TPH Devs say that’s official fixed!


Save corruption is bad, but yeah the number of freaking GP offices I need, I definitely want to copy that!


Number one thing to reduce number of GPs is specializing staff. Treat it like dwarf fortress lite. GPs train only GP skill. This greatly shortens time the patient stays in the hospital.

The profit is in the cures and high tech procedures, not in GP or diagnosis.

Been experimenting with prices to lower supply and increase profit. I’m assuming all services carry same weight so I have made vending machines free. Then I increase all procedures and decrease GP if I have to.

GPs are $500. If I give a 50% discount I’m still only out $500-$750 a patient. If they do a surgery that’s $24000, and each 10% is worth $2400.


This worked out well. I had to restart my last hospital, the one where you cure patients of the critters hanging onto them, a few times to get past the three star step. The first time i had all the buildings, lots of dying patients, oozing money. Times 2 and three I had better trained staff, still didn’t touch that 5 mill mark (adjusting prices only helped a bit). Last attempt I never even opened the last 2 building, trained the hell out of my staff, where I could, was nearing almost 7 mil as I patiently waited for injection patients to come… and there is a big delay from marketing to results too. I had 21 patients in line for injections when I finished.

We also need more on the leader board.


You all can add me in Steam for leader board lists, etc. I’ve been crushing my friends list, including the so called King of South Carolina ;)

Steam name is spectf


I am only on the 4th hospital, I’ll revisit and crush you all later. :)


Haha. I had to take some financial and patient hits early on to get those people trained. It was rough!


Second big tip as you expand is managing walking, both of patients and staff. I’ll say staff first.

Building one: GPs + Diagnosis. Every building with diagnosis should have a GP. Ideally they’d queue to the closest GP but I suspect they calculate existing queue sizes, not sure if they account for walking as well. In any case, putting it all in one spot works better.

Wards and DNA are strange in that they both diagnose and treat. If you build multiple DNAs put them next to each other. I’ve seen people diagnosed out of a DNA and walk to the DNA across the campus for treatment.

Anyway after building 2, I typically move all treatment rooms out first. Building 3, separate nurse and doctor treatment rooms.

Actually I lie, building 2 is now the training center usually so I can start cranking out specialized staff.

I was a bit panicked today on a map. I made a $50000 training room with all those paintings and stuff. Then I found I didn’t have money to build it… I clicked unpause and hoped I got money rather than negative money spiral.


Yeah anytime you build a diagnosis there should be a GP nearby to read the results. I think some of the pathing might be a little screwy for a bit.

Also, what’s going on with cafes? All they seem to do is suck my patients in for long periods of time and delay their treatments!


Make the cafes staff-only. Seriously. Actually I stopped building them at all.


Yeah it really boosts employees to happy levels but it seems odd that’s the intention of them… also they’re huge.


Everyone is playing this wrong, its about the hospital decorating and the set up of toilets. Mostly the toilets.


I think gumball machines bug out doctor’s rooms. I often find patients and visitors stuck there. The GP doesn’t move either. This ends when I remove the gumball dispenser.


Well damn. I just started sticking those in there to see if I could keep them happier while they’re working. I’ll keep in eye on it. Everyone gets coffee though… everyone.