Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


I suspect both the patient and doctor are reaching for the gumball and stuck in a battle of wills.


Tried 1.02, doesn’t help with existing issues. Perhaps it prevents creation of new stuck cases.

Looks like I’m gonna finish the game before the devs do!


You’re that far in with all the 3 stars? Wow. That’s some hard playing.


44/45 stars. I can’t be arsed to do that last one (60 vaccinations).

I’m not done thought, apparently, since I am missing a golden throne.


So if you were on our leader board, you would smoke the other three of us. haha. In my defense. I am still playing monster hunter and other games ;-)


You get the golden toilet for registering on their website for the newsletter. :)


If I’m planning on picking this up at some time, is there any point getting and playing Theme Hospital now? In general I don’t like playing very old looking games, but if things are easy enough to identify and the UI isn’t bad, I am OK doing it if the game is very good.


SIPS (I am not a fan and I think his face is so punch-able) recently did a video of Theme Hospital in 2018.

I’d just skip it and go right to Two Point Hospital, its better imho.


OK, thanks. Kinda what I was thinking but with my choices limited right now I was tempted to get something ‘new’ that I can play now. There’s plenty I can play in my Steam library, and I can always do another couple hundred hours of Slay the Spire :-)


Well, it’s 1€ right now…in case you don’t know. Bought it 10 minutes ago because your post brought me to that idea ; ) I’d say it’s aged well: UI scales perfectly and works just fine in every way so far. I can imagine playing it some hours.


The sale on GOG is what prompted me too :-)

It isn’t the money since it is $1. I just didn’t want to waste time on Theme Hospital if Two Point Hospital will cover all the bases when I get around to buying it.


If you install it, do this -


Theme Hospital is still a damn fine game today. Definitely top 25 material.


Sure, but Two Point is Theme Hospital minus the multiplayer component and some of the annoyances that come with an old game. It really is that close.


Found time for this today, the map with the earthquakes is fun! :D


That’s a big fracture ward.


Yeah its making tons of profit for me! Nearing a million in revenue alone!

The game even pointed it out my hospital has more value than yours @Nesrie . ;)


Well you did warn me you were about to get serious.


Inching up the leaderboards! ;)

Really enjoy how this game plays and lets you expand.


That is gorgeous…