Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


You guys are all going to be done with the leaderboard score chase by the time I get to play it!

Just found a post that said it ran acceptable on an intel 4000 HD system. Maybe I could play it.


I ran out of steam with this game. I don’t know why, but after 4 or 5 hospitals, it just got too repetitive. I tried to play it a bit yesterday, but couldn’t get back into it.

Now I have DQ11 going, and Bard’s Tale 4 launching today. This one is heading to the back log of unfinished gems, sadly.


You might just need a break. I don’t think I did Theme Hospital from start to finish in one straight go either.

Also the Duckworth one is more challenge than fun. That doesn’t really help.


Exactly, do a hospital or two then go play other stuff. This game is casual enough that you aren’t going to forget much if you take a break.


But a Dragon Queries game isn’t repetitive? 😅


I get what you’re saying. It’s a different kind of repetitive though. Plus there’s unique characters being added throughout, and different environments, quests, NPCs, dialogues, etc. So while somewhat repetitive in overall flow, the moment to moment does change.
This is why it’s generally very difficult to draw parallels between games in completely different genres.


According to my small leaderboard and map, most of you have not reached Duckworth. I look forward to hearing your experience there… and @lordkosc is one map behind me I think.


Anyone know if a Fanatical coupon that is current? I may pick this up.

Grrr. the bastards charge me the same Euros as their dollar price.

Damn, my CPU is also under the minimum specs. I guess i will probably wait until I get back to the US. If it goes on some very good sale before I’ll probably pick it up so I have it.


How bad is you cpu? Its runs well enough on a Q9550 and DDR2 ram from 10 years ago!


A laptop with i7 4600U. I guess it’s about 5 years old. Only has integrated graphics which is also below the minimum specs. It looks like my CPU is a little better than yours (but not that much), so maybe it will work on my laptop. Do you also have an old video card?


It has an GeForce GTX 760 in it.

My other computer is an Acer Aspire E1-572, i7-4500U 1.8GHz, 8GB RAM, and an Intel Graphics 4400.

I’ll install it on that and, when I get time to play it tomorrow, let you know if I think it’s playable or not. You should be able to gauge from that?


That would be great! The i7-4600U is slightly faster and the GPU is the same, so if it runs on your it should be OK on mine.


It’s just about playable. It depends on how tolerant you are of 11-30fps :) The main issue is the graphics, AFAICT.

I didn’t play for long, so I didn’t see how it fares with the memory leak that requires you to restart the hospital once an hour or so, otherwise there are massive chugs.

And it seems the game has some weir frustum culling problems – if I zoom out enough for the LOS to hide the people, it’s fine. If I zoom in to a lot of people it drops to 11fps, and then if I zoom right in to a single person it stays at 11fps… but as soon as I pause and unpause it’s back to 25/30fps.

Give it a go for 1,5hours and get a steam refund if you can’t cope?


Thanks for the info. It’s around $5-7 cheaper some other places so I wasn’t going to buy from Steam. But worse case, if it doesn’t work well on my laptop then I just wait to play until January when can play it on my desktop where it will be a much better experience. I’m just trying to avoid spending money now on something I may not use until later, and over the holidays it is likely to be cheaper. Thanks again for checking it out, it will help me decide.


I’m curious, could someone look at the price on these links and tell me what it is from the US please?


The links are weird and unclickable. Here they are again: £21.24 £ 20.99 £19.99

And you didn’t ask for UK prices, but there they are anyway ;)


Well, here are some Euro prices for you!


I was just wondering if the US prices are cheaper than what I get here in France because I think I could activate a US key through the Steam client since my account is US-based. I’m not entirely sure about that.

I’m not sure if i could activate a Euro region key on my account or not. I’ve never really used Steam outside the US, other than just playing game on my laptop in France. The Steam store prices show up in US dollars for me.


I can’t use your links and get USD but when I search on those sites:

Voidu - $31.49
CD Keys - $27.69
Fantical - $27.99


OK, thanks Nesrie!