Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


I got my key via NewEgg. It’s hard to recommend them right now considering their servers were hacked, and their still in the process of figuring out how bad.

So just remember you can get some of these keys from traditional e-tailers too, in some cases.


It’s anecdotal, but I’ve never heard of issues about activating keys from one of the higher price regions in any other one. They are marketed as equivalent for a long time too, and I doubt they want to admit who they’re gouging for now.


In my experience, region locking is according to your geographic location, not the origin of your account. My account is UK based even though I live in the US. Its happy to show me everything in UK prices still but it wont let me use a key that is locked to europe.


Interesting. So in theory it may not let me us a key that is locked to North America while I’m in Europe even though my account is US based.

It seems like North America locked keys are rare now and that keys are either world wide or a different region. Maybe since NA keys tended to have higher prices they worked as @Perky_Goth said.


We have a global population and one that moves while lot of our services seem really stuck with a static ideal. .

My sister was abroad for a few weeks. Several sites would not let her order due to the IP address she was using. She couldn’t order things to have them waiting at her doorstep when she got back.

I had trouble on the islands accessing a few things, but I didn’t play any games. I didn’t really try any games though. I just had my surface pro.


If you buy it and it doesn’t work you can just get an instant refund. No lose scenario!


There are been a few sites where I got rejected while I’m here - I can’t remember which. Then of course our Hulu subscription doesn’t work, and Netflix wouldn’t if we still had it. Luckily my UFC fightpass subscription works and some Amazon video.


Only from Steam which I’m not buying from since they are more expensive. :-)
Maybe I should so it isn’t a gamble. I guess I’ll have to see how lucky I feel :-)


I am having more fun with this game than I have with a game in ages. Steam tells me I’ve played 22-23 hours. I know that’s not a lot for a lot of you, but for me, during the academic year, it’s remarkable! I’m mired in trying to get my hospital value up in some of the levels. I keep plateauing. But that’s ok. I love that there’s a copy room function now (I downloaded the beta patch as soon as I realized that, I didn’t care if there was the possibility of save corruption). That in a huge quality of life improvement. If I can only figure out a) how to get that value up and b) why everyone is desperate for the bathroom when there are !#@[email protected]$ toilets in each building, I’ll be set!


I enjoyed reading this take on the game - and this thread too -

I wonder what you guys think. Do you really need to min max like that? Or the blogger has the problem that he can’t unlearn the trick and that ruined the game for him?


Oof. I think that just killed my chances of picking this up any time below one of those crazy 90% off sales. That guy listed my innermost fears about this game.

I still hope for more games like this though. Two Point Starbase, perhaps?


I have hopes that the developers can patch the balance a bit. But you are right in that article tends to squash the buying excitement a wee bit.


I tend to think he is just ruining the game for himself. From my experience of the game, exploiting it like that is a choice. I haven’t done every hospital yet but so far I see no evidence you need to do it to succeed.


Yeah, you don’t ned to do it, it’s just that they made some odd design choices that make it very advantageous to do so. Some people can’t resist when given the opportunity to min/max.


Yeah, there’s no need to play the system like that and still have a great time. There are posters that add training speed and I do plunk those all over my training room, but that’s about it (and I wouldn’t mind if those sorts of benefits didn’t stack from identical items).

If you didn’t like Theme Hospital, I doubt you’ll like this game. I did like TH but it was unstable as everything for me. I never made it to the end stages due to repeated crash to desktops (on completely different PCs over the years), so far this seems better in that regard at least. There’s a little more micronanagement than I’d like here and the AI about food/drink/entertainment/bathroom is atrocious, but I’m having fun 20+ hours in. For me, it’s been well worth the price of entry.

One thing that bugged me about the article linked above was the repeated sniping about the time scale. Yes, it does seem odd that patients wait in the hospital for scores of days, but that sort of dual time scale goes back to Railroad Tycoon. I don’t get why it’s irksome.


No. You do not need to min and max to play and actually win. Are there ways to exploit, well sure, and if that is fun for someone I say have at it. You can naturally play though, win, and not resort to too many tricks to do it. I know… I’ve done it. The only one I felt was kind of exploity for my tastes was the Duckworth hospital

Again though… they didn’t really elevate Theme Hospital’s formulate. It’s essentially a carbon copy but which makes that game easier to play on modern machines. It even seems to have some of the same issues, like weird pathing, patients getting stuck in the varoius Wards and moon beast or rat, that’s the same mechanic minus the mini game rat levels (wthh. I think I paid under 30 for the game, and I am okay with the carbon copy. Maybe down the road we’ll see some innovation with newer titles, but Theme Hospital in a today’s skin, sold.

It’s not perfect, but it’s fun. If you want to fill a GP office with nothing but medicine cabinets… which you can’t really do initially because you wont’ have the money for it… sure go ahead. If that’s fun for someone, why not. it sounds like it was not fun for him, he did it anyway, and then mentioned how much fun he wasn’t having so… why do it?


Thanks for the answers, guys!


Whelp I think I am on the last hospital based on the size and centrality of it. Once I complete that I can go back to my other games like… Monster Hunter and MP Stardew Valley and all these other ones I am way less obsessed with but thoroughly enjoy.


Or you can perfect each one you already built! :-)


Perfect? I got three stars on all of them!