Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


Oh excellent. I’ve been sending people home manually and those about to die LOL.


Classic Theme Hospital style. Yeah I don’t want them coming in too quick myself which is why I prefer marketing and emergencies over general encouragements.


Another question. When training Physicians you can choose GP or diagnostic. Why would I want to choose diagnostic over GP? It seems like the only diagnosing the doctors do is in the GP office.


Diagnosis can improve the X-Ray, Megascan and DNA results, two of those also require a skill. You might not have run into those yet. Those are doctor run machines that further diagnosis a lot. It’s a good way to specialize someone.


Ahhh OK, I have not run into those yet.


Well GP’s office should still benefit from it. It is sometimes cheaper and faster to combo the GP skill and Diagnosis especially since you rarely get someone with the IV and V. A couple of GPs with the diagnosis works for me.


If you build those ridiculously-broken training rooms with 100 paintings you’ll prefer empty, unskilled doctors just because you can make GP 5, Treatment 5, Ward 5 nurses, etc etc.


I didn’t get as far as I did gaming any system. The only thing I did that feels a little “gamey” was use gold star posters. You can play normally and still use combination of unskilled staff with skilled staff. My training rooms had a maybe five posters in it otherwise, some encyclopedia shelves, a skeleton and abdomen statue. My hospitals don’t look weird due to exploits.


So they have a beta that looks like it might be really good, but I can’t seem to get an answer… if you switch to the beta will the game still do challenges and friend’s scores? I’m leery to switch in case it torques my entire game.


That’s a great question. Since I am on the last hospital, pretty sure it is anyway, I am not ready to fork my game for colored vests and naming abilities. Pathing and Que issues they mention would be nice. Changing rooms need a bit of a tweak too, not sure if that is part of that or not.


Do you all have any tips on what to do to keep from getting a million people stuck needing the GP? Or better yet, how to make it so you don’t end up with tons of people queued up for the GP? Early game is fine, then there seems to be a tipping point and then it goes over. Though only relief I get is manually sending everyone home but I hate doing that just because it is so laborious to click each patient one at a time and can take forever.


Better diagnosis. GPx5 skill, higher diagnosis skills on diagnosis docs/nurses

If GP diagnosis <100%, then send patient to diagnosis test (xray, etc).
If you increase the effectiveness of diagnostic tests or the GP diagnosis itself you will clear demand.

Also note that with easier diseases it may be possible for a patient to go straight from GP to treatment. Marketing specifically for those diseases may be a good move (pharmacy?)

Note that there is a huge huge lag time in changes, so if you went nuts and put up a lot of new offices it would take a long time to play it out. just kick EVERYONE out once to reset queues. hahaha.

Some people will remove some of the lower-effectiveness tests (cardiology, general diagnosis) . The rationale is that say general diagnosis will improve DX by 20%, but the fluid will do so by 40%, might as well do fluid so you skip a GP visit. the fewer tests they do the fewer GP visits needed.


So early on, I always have two GPs in the main building. Then as I add new diagones rooms I usually have new GPs right next to it. You don’t want your patients headed across the hospital to get back to anything if you can avoid it. If you have all your diagnoses in one area you just keep adding GPs as they get behind until you can get all it under control. I think one of my bigger hospitals had 11, and then I closed a couple the GPs got better, but even then I kept some on the outskirts because I don’t want them walking all the way back after they get diagnoses.

For me, it’s not unusual for me to have a less efficient layout and then later I rearrange as I get more expensive rooms and/or better staff.


One thing I ended up doing when the waits to see the GP get too long is to pull up the list of patients, then sort by the diagnosis level. Unless they’ve patched it since I quit playing a couple weeks ago, you’ll see a ton of people in the queue that are 99-100% diagnosed (and often near death)…you can click the force treatment button and get them to skip that final trip to the GP’s office.


Unless they fixed the issue, you should put a couple of benches down. Just so the next patient will be sitting and not be wandering halfway across campus, holding up the queues.

OHHH one more thing. Don’t overhire on reception. You’re probably better off with a bottleneck at reception than at your GPs.


I think beta might have addressed that. They mention distance searches, and the patients don’t wander for no reason. I’ve seen them all across campus just o get an arcade machine when there was one a lot closer.


I’ve switched to the beta and I can still do challenges with friends.


You can manually send people to x-ray? Wow I’m going to try that when I have enough money to build one.

When you get challenges and it says +25% happiness as a reward - is that just for the person who issued the challenge, or is it for all your employees? or all the patients?


I’m pretty sure those Staff Request just increase the one staff member. They’re even linked to the specific staff member. I don’t think the game ever really said though.


I switched over to beat and it seems to be working OK. I really like clothes customization as I can set some people to very high visibility so they stand out (ghost hunters in bright orange is nice).