Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


No no no.

Patient flow is,

Initial GP visit
If Diagnosis is 100%, Goto Treatment
            Go for more diagnosis
            Go for GP visit again


Up to Melt Downs. Since I have so much downtime I’m enjoying this a lot, but dang this is just destroying my hands/wrists via carpal tunnel. The game desperately needed more hotkeys and simple things like “shift-click bench to plop down new ones.”

Also need some new music. Can’t play the game without music, but can’t find anything that fits the theme.


I am a mouse lady, so I don’t use hot keys much but I am under the impression there are a lot of them available.

I can’t vouch for how they work though.


I really missed the ability to pick things up with a single press, like in Theme Hospital. It’s just to slow in TPH, even the drag pickup method.

It’s definitely a game with a UI conducive to RSI.

Regarding music: Do you not like the in-game radio? :)


Seems like an interface tailor made for a gamepad.


Whelp I finished it. Time to obsess over a different game, probably getting back into MHW.

I will say when the only thing the end of a game gives you is a view credits option, I am often disappointed. I would have prefer like a summary page stat or… something.


OHHH one more thing. Don’t overhire on reception. You’re probably better off with a bottleneck at reception than at your GPs.

Haha, realized this one a couple of weeks ago - some of my hospitals have a 60+ person queue at reception. A bunch of them eventually get angry and leave, but it doesn’t appear to have much impact. They also appear to ignore benches, and just wander aimlessly in front of reception, like a tornado of people.

I wish the game de-prioritized the GP Office for diagnosis. I’ve had multiple games where I’ve got 12+ GP offices that are still managing to run queues above 5, yet all of my other (less numerous) diagnosis rooms are fine. It makes sense for a new patient to go to a GP first, but after that it should be spread more evenly.

Another thing you can do, is increase prices to artificially depress your reputation (which affects traffic to your hospital). Keeps traffic manageable (and more profitable) while you’re building out your hospital, and then you can just reset the prices when you’re ready for an influx. First thing I do now on a level, is increase treatment prices 20-30%. Has helped prevent the usual early game GP bottlenecks.


It’s not really a prioritization with GP. It’s more like… initial dx at GP, another dx, then back to GP and 100% or out again to another dx, then GP. The GP is the determination so it’s never really removed. someone upfront said to remove the lower level two, General and Cardio, but I never did. I like my hospital to flow and look somewhat normal. Except gold star spam. I used the hell out of that, nothing else looked or felt gamey though.


Yeah, I think it’s that constantly having to re-queue for the GP after using another diag room, that drives me nuts. You’ve got a hospital with 37 copied GP rooms, and a handful of other diagnosis rooms.

Regarding Gold Star spam - same here. Tried to keep things natural, except for that. They really need to make other plaques with the same effect on room prestige, if only for aesthetic variety.


They needed more themes and more stuff in those themes like the cyptology room, the pillars the vases, those are cool looking, the clown one too but really i only got to maybe prestige 4 using that. i needed the stars to hit 5. there is room there though to make things feel more unique. I also had way more K dollars than necessary to buy everything so they could add more stuff and change nothing there.


I’ve been trying different layout ideas and I think I’ve found a problem with distributed GP’s. If they need to go to their second GP that is much further away from the diagnosis room they were at, the hold up the entire queue as they’re assigned their queue the moment they leave diagnosis.


If i build a new diagnosis room, I always put a GP next to it, probably two. I don’t want them to ever walk back to the original GP except early on when I don’t have enough money, yet. But my general rule of thumb is if I have a Dx room, it needs 1-2 GP offices in that same building.


I usually end up demolishing my first main building at some point, and replacing it almost entirely with diagnosis rooms. I don’t care how far they walk for treatment, but diagnosis requires serious streamlining.


Yes. I shift things around a lot as money and more buildings show up. You’re not actually destroying the rooms right. You’re picking them up and moving them so you keep your upgrades?


If you were not aware you can move entire rooms. No need to demolish.


Typically yes, if I have the space to move them.


Okay. Just checking. I am not sure it’s that obvious you can move the rooms. You can also resize it.


@jpinard I think you’re totally going to surpass me when you’re done. Look at you go!


Hehe. Stared last hsopital and had to take a break. My wrist needed a break. I think I need carpal tunnel surgery. Which room was that again?


That means you should have seen all the rooms. I wish they had done more themed rooms, like full themes like the clown and crypt one. Even then those were a little short, but if they could improve visually, more themes, more K products to buy.