Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


Exactly. And I love it. We were told modern Theme Hospital and really, this is.


I’m having a bit of an issue with the patients not sitting down on the huge amount of benches I’m providing. They just mill around bumping into each other infront of the millions of GP offices I have.

Anyone else seeing this?


I did find one weird pathing issue. I edited a nurse’s ward that had 2 patients in it. They get kicked out, as normally happens when you edit rooms.

However they stayed outside with a weird icon on their heads (a building in progress icon?) and they wouldn’t reenter the ward. I had to send them home so they wouldn’t die.

Q: What do you do if a patient dies on the way out the door?
A: Turn him around 180.


There’s an image current on the TPH reddit:

So thankfully it’s not just me with this bumbling problem.


@Razgon , this pleases me.

In this screenshot, I made the hospital changing room / general bed area too cold. For REALISM.


Im still playing Phantom Doctrine, but man I’m looking so hard at this. Theme Hospital for today’s world is all I wanted!


Why don’t your rooms have windows? Privacy concerns? :)


I saw there was windows you can place in doors, but my brain doesn’t comprehend. :)


I don’t really like the implementation of windows. The best option is to spam them for more prestige. So whats the point? It means you can’t see the walls and, thematically, people can see in on private examinations!


I believe the operator says they’re not concerned with privacy.

There are some pathing issues for sure, not just the benches but also ques, like five will get up and head for the same door which is not right.


How do needs and proximity work? Does every building need toilets, staff rooms…etc?
People complain about needing the loo and nobody is using it and I’m not sure what the issue is?
Had a huge staff huddle in the passage outside a smallish staff room and a huge staff room sitting empty in the next building. I’m guessing the prestige on the big one was lower than the small one, but when I changed that, the staff didn’t move over?

Had an angry patient in a half empty ward complaining about thirst, boredom, toilets…etc There were magazines, fountains, toilets all outside the door but he never moved from his spot and ended up ragequitting.

There are lots of little mechanics like that I’m struggling to get a good grasp on. But overall I’m just trucking on… About to start on my 4th hospital. Perhaps things get clearer later.


Not come across that benches issue, but they do seem to only sit on benches if they’re pretty close, like within five squares or so of where they want to be.


Yeah, I gave up on those and am just plastering the walls with lightbulb posters. You can fit more of them into the room and from what I can tell, they give as much prestige as windows.


I don’t think the benches are working right either. They should be using the ones closest to them but they’ll stand there as if the benches on the other side of the wall are reserved for that room and not theirs. I gotta feeling it’s a bug.


Putting a bench or two outside each room seems ideal for shorter travel times.

If you mouse over a radiator, it will show you a temperature reading. Don’t need to switch views manually.


Still working on optimal room layouts, but damn this game is fun if you like decorating.

Just unlocked the 3rd area.


Does each new building site you purchase need to have a GP? Will the patients walk over to another building site to get treatment in a ward etc?

Why use a reception room vs the reception desk? I noticed that putting a reception desk at each entrance seems to help the traffic a bit as well (but a reception rooms seems to take up too much space).

I apparently have a bad case of twomanypointsidontgetitis.


In map 4 I had 6 GPs and still had queues of 8+, so I ended up placing 8-10 total GPs. That made queues 2-3 long which is good. Before that my patients were dying too quickly.

Anyway in between diagnosis the patient needs to see the GP to see what’s up so more GPs all over is okay.

The only optimizing i’ve been doing is a bit with training: there’s a skill that raises GP skill by 15% so it’s a good bet to get those noob doctors and just make them just do GP after some training.

Toilets, food, water machines seem to have a radius. I’m sure about the patients. Not too sure how practitioner priority works yet. I have some that complain about toilet, but when I drop them in the toilet they go right back to work.


It’s not required, but GPs can get a big queue and just like the original game, you don’t want them walking all the way back to one office. I space them out for that reason. They have to basically check in with the GP… often.

yep this

Yeah I have some unhappy staff that just don’t go. I have no idea why.


Protip: if you go through the levels getting one star in each you can then go back to earlier levels and use your unlocks, gich make it easier to get 3 stars.

I also managed to slightly resolve a few of my earlier problems by spread out gp and diagnosis more and leavijg more room in the corridors. People like to get up and talk to each other like in the sims, it seems, rather than sit on a bench. And you can’t have huge but distant waiting areas like in theme hospital, they need to be close?

This games making me stay up all night. Which is good/not good. But it’s not a perfect game yet! There’s definitely oddities with the way people choose which thing to use, and like other have said, sometimes people complain of this whilst stood right by a drinks.machine/water fountain/coffee pot. There’s also a lot of problems of people getting stuck in rooms and I’ve had to edit the room to fling them out.

There’s a few things I’d like from theme hospital : ability to move patients between different room queues, and the old 'hospital policy’s screen as sometimes I want to jack diagnosis % right down. I’d also like the huge waiting rooms back as well :p