Two PSP questions

I just got a PSP last week and I can’t figure two things out:

  1. When I have a game disc inside and I power the system on (not bring it out of sleep but restart it after I’ve played some emulators) it always seems to want to start the game. Is there a way to disable that? I’d like it just to park itself at the “desktop” instead of jumping into the UMD game. I’ve looked but can’t find out how.

  2. This is more directed at PSP Video 9. I’m having problems with video naming. PSP Video 9 wants to name my videos MAQ…# but the PSP seems to only recognize video files if they are named M4V…#. Is there some setting to change the naming convention in PSP Video 9? I’m getting irritated renaming each file so my PSP recognizes the video.

I don’t think it’s possible to stop the first thing.

For #1 I just leave the disc tray open.

I believe if you hold down the home button while you flip the power on you can circumvent #1. I am, however, too lazy to go find my PSP and try it out for you at this moment, sorry.

set parental control at the lowest leve, it will ask for your password when a game is started, simply cancel out of that. Best way to avoid auto game booting I know of. Sad that the ngage had a setting where you could choose this behavior or not and the PSP doesnt… heh

as for pspvideo9, is it making AVC video maybe? I havent played w/ them but they may have a different naming scheme than the mp4.

Doesn’t work for me. I never heard of a way to avoid the white PSP loading screen, but once that disappears, you can hit Home and quit the game before it actually loads.

Yeah I’m doing AVC video. It plays fine when I rename it to the M4V prefix but I can’t figure out why it would default to the MAQ prefix.

And yeah I’ve been hitting the home button when it restarts. It works fine but is kinda annoying that it doesn’t even give you the option to not boot the game. Even the PS2 let you press a button and avoid the auto-boot.

As of V2.0, the PSP supports two different directories for videos. The M4V files go in the old directory name; the MAQ files work without renaming if you put them in the proper directory.

Alas, I don’t have my PSP here, so I can’t tell you the names. But you should be able to find that info on the PSPVideo9 forums.

for #1 I just never turn the PSP off - ever. Just set it to sleep mode. I’ve never noticed it actually draining the battery even after several days in sleep.

Denny that fixed it. I forgot there were two folders for movies and I was putting the AVC videos in the SP folder. Doh.

krazykrok I normally wouldn’t turn it off but with 2.0 firmware (maybe earlier firmware as well?) after you enable the eboot loader for homebrew you have to literally reboot the system to return to normal PSP stuff. It’s annoying but totally worth it to play Sam & Max at work when the boss isn’t looking.

PSP does not sleep. It waits.

I didn’t know homebrew even worked on 2.0. I thought 2.0 just had a downgrader utility via a buffer overflow in the image viewer.

For 1.5, you certainly don’t have to power cycle to return to normal PSP stuff. I use an SNES emulator that goes back to the PSP system menu no problem. Ditto UMD emulator 0.8c.

almost every emu works fine in 2.0, just no ISO/UMD loaders work so you will have to get used to carrying around a shit ton of umds. It is worth it for GTA though. Not sure if I need this thing to do much more than portable 3d GTA + complete SNES library + movies/TV.

I didn’t know homebrew even worked on 2.0. I thought 2.0 just had a downgrader utility via a buffer overflow in the image viewer.[/quote]
Yeah it works fine for the most part.

When you’re done with the homebrew stuff you press “Start” at the loader screen and it reboots your PSP. A little inconvenient but no biggie.

PSP does not sleep. It waits.[/quote] :D

You rock, thanks Warning. It seems a bit odd to be using my new toy to play old games, but it’s totally worth it (and painless) for the ScummVM games.