Two Tickets for Giants-Diamondbacks Game Tonight (9/28)

Have two extra tickets to the Giants-Diamondbacks game tonight at 7:15; Section 302, Row 12, Seats 1-3 (the third ticket is mine).

Anyone interested? Let me know and we can coordinate; I plan on getting out of work around 5:30 and walking down, which should take… I dunno. Half an hour? Something like that.

— Alan

I wish I watched baseball.

No takers? I wished I still lived in NorCal. Giants need to win this series. As exciting as it would be coming down to the last game to decide the division champion, I don’t think I could handle that if the Giants lost it.

Yeah I’d totally go if I still lived in the SF area.

Very generous offer, Alan. Wish I was in the area to take you up on it.

Man, I couldn’t make it tonight, but we should get some people together for a game or something sometime soon.

There aren’t that many games left (and these seats were super cheap to boot).

Oh well, had fun anyway. Was nice having a one-seat buffer zone around me. I definitely dig the park, and was a good game to boot. Great atmosphere.

— Alan