Two Worlds

So I could order an English language version now… but only if I got the ‘Royal’ edition?

kunikos, is it just a graphics issue that you don’t like? Because I don’t care about that. Is it buggy?

What about the gameplay itself? Does it have promise, after some patches?

Ah, fuck. I got some credit at a second hand game store and almost bought this.

There’s a slightly less ancient thread than this one. Summary: you might like the PC version, everyone hated the 360 version.

I enjoyed the PC version enough to see it through to the end. It was a solid B or B+ in my book, but plenty of room for improvement.

Yeah I just tried the 360 demo. Liked it a lot until the horse showed up. It’s like driving a cement truck. How can they screw up horseriding so bad?

The worst part was hearing beforehand that riding horses and horse combat sucked, and thinking “well, they are just not doing it right. I’ll put in the time to learn how it works and do it right.”

Nope, the controls just suck.

I’m really enjoying this. Of course rpg’s where you start weak and build up skills are my fav style of game. Still, I really like the art direction and the quests are nice and varied. I love building up skills and totaly thrashing enemies that mopped the floor with me in earlier in the game. Yes the faux Shakespear and the fact that they have about 5 character models are annoying. Some people also dislike the mouse click combat. I’m fine with it and I love my rather powerful bow. Haven’t done much of the main quest yet as I am savoring this game.

They did patch the horses quite a lot. If you know what I mean.

I don’t but I’m wondering why since you could just shoot them and make glue.

I absolutely fucking hated this game.

I got 4-5 hours in, and I just fucking hated it. Better on PC since the control was less horrible, but honestly, nothing in the game was remotely enjoyable to me. Constant pigwolf attacks, bad map system, horribad dialog and acting, button smash combat with occasional spell/skill use. The only thing that it had going for me was the levelling system, and the item combining was interesting. But the levelling system has now been totally outdone by The Witcher, so I can’t even give that credit as being special.

I seem to be in the minority on this, but this game just did absolutely nothing for me. It is to me as Mass Effect is to Charles. I really wanted to like it, but I can’t.

… as you point out at every opportunity.

Zeke I find this interesting how two people can be on such opposite ends like this. I quickly got strong enough to thrash all the wolves and boars and now half the time my character just chuckles with evil amusement as we lay waste to them. it doesn’t get old for me. What problem with the map system, easy to use for me. Agree totaly on the bad acting and voice work. But I love the gems that add signifigant damage to my weapon and all the different armor in the game. Just different tastes I guess.

I would enjoy if more games did the armor and weapon merging stuff, and the full sets were a nice touch too. But it wasn’t so much about difficulty(die respawn die respawn yawn), it was just so damn repetitive and mindless.

It might well be because I don’t find any enjoyment in Diablo style games, and this felt like one to me. Lots of enemies, slam the kill button, cast a spell. And yet, somehow I find fun in the Dynasty Warriors games which makes no sense at all.

A little info on the expansion. It’s standalone.

It’s still a little disturbing that a game about a guy and his rather immodest, bra-less sister is going to be titled “Temptation”…

(And just for the record, I finished TW a little while ago and found it pretty much like others did – dumb as rocks story and horrid acting, but kinda fun for exploration and satiating the inner loot munchkin.)

I bought this for $20 at Best Buy over the holidays. It’s Oblivion Lite without a doubt, but it has it’s own charms. The upgradeable weapons and armor were cool, the mapping system is one of the nicest in any RPG I’ve played, and the sheer variety of items and equipment was cool too. Fighting from horseback was awesome once I got used to it.

I did not find it very hard to progress once I got the hang of the awkward combat system. I actually really like the card based magic system as it’s simple enough to grasp right away and yet there is a layer of complexity with the schools and the booster cards.

Overall I’d say it was well worth the $20, and I will likely pick up the sequel. The voice acting and story were pretty bad, but considering it’s European origins I went in expecting that. If you liked Elder Scrolls and Gothic games, you’ll like Two Worlds.

Two Worlds uses card based magic and booster cards?

Sort of. Instead of learning spells, you buy or find cards with a spell on them. You place those cards in one of three slots to make them your hotkey-accessible active spells, you can stack multiple cards of the same spell for a stronger effect, and you can place up to three ‘booster’ cards by each spell, which can reduce mana consumption, increase damage, increase summoned creature levels, etc.

It’s not really that deep, and I think I wound up only significantly using three spells the entire game, but I wasn’t trying a ‘pure mage’ route either.

Two Worlds 2: Perineum Quest

Ah, ok. Now that you describe it, I do remember that aspect from the demo. Thanks.