Now you can blow your stack about how Wal-Mart is evil and decry the evil CEOs’ exploitation of immigrant workers all at once! Yay! Since the URL tags are all fucked up, no embedded link:

Flippancy aside, it’s great to see the feds going after something like this.

Wooohoo! That just brings a smile to my face.

Nothin’ says lovin’ like a federal investigation into your business practices.

They can only be fined $10k per illegal worker, though, so if they’ve been doing this for years they’re probably still coming out ahead.

Wal-Mart workers really need to unionize.

When Wal-Mart workers try to unionize, Wal-Mart closes the offending store. Fairly effective tactic.

When Wal-Mart workers try to unionize, Wal-Mart closes the offending store. Fairly effective tactic.[/quote]

It needs to be a nationwide effort. Wal-Mart isn’t going to close hundreds of stores.

That’s true. It must be happening here. There are lots of “Pro Union, Boycott Wal-Mart” billboards.

the maximum sentence is a slap on the wrist… no biggie for WalMart

By the way, it was called Operation Rollback. Ahahahahahaah! :lol:

It’s unclear whether Wal-Mart can be sued. One newscast I heart said that the custodial company is a third-party contractor. Wal-Mart could always simply blame them, and say they didn’t know…

There’s supposedly audio recordings of Walmart execs that reveals they knew and were complicit.

Oh look, they were getting paid $2 a day.

But wait, they were “contractors” wink wink, so its not Walmart’s fault.

According to today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Wal-Mart has claimed 10 of the illegal immigrants as Wal-Mart employees with the remainder belonging to cleaning contractors.

I don’t have a link but a more interesting article on Wal-Mart appeared in the Wall Street Journal describing how Wal-Mart handles employee health benefits. On the downside, they are restrictive on eligibility to participate and normal care is only partially subsidized. On the upside, if you do qualify, they do not have any lifetime benefit limit and will pay for very expensive care (transplants and such).


So they give really really good benefits to managers? :D