Typing of the Dead 2

Woohoo! My second favorite Dreamcast game is getting a sequel.

Only one complaint about that movie though: the protagonists in that video are carrying shotguns or something. I loved how in the original they were carrying keyboards, with Dreamcasts strapped on their backs.

Holy cow, this is the best news I’ve heard probably all year. TotD is still one of my favorite games of all time. I never played HotD3 so it’s good to see the voice acting hasn’t improved.

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

“Don’t come! Don’t come!”

Great news!

Er… on what platforms?

Dogs of the AMS.

Reminds me of Crimsonland’s typing mode. :)

Unfortunately, right now it’s only been announced for the PC. And only for Japan. But hopefully we’ll see a North American release, and this is something I’d definitely buy a USB keyboard for if it were released for 360 or PS3. (Does the Wii have USB slots? I don’t remember). Not that I’m against a PC version, but the really neat thing about the Dreamcast version is that as a console game, its something you play in the living room, and its a blast to watch someone play in a party atmosphere. That’s why I liked the console version better.

Yup. Although I would prefer a wireless keyboard for this.

Wireless keyboards also plug into USB slots.

ha! thats HOTD3, like HOTD2 was TOTD1. Nice.

I want to see this on cell phones.

ToTD actually helped me improved my typing. I still have a horrible time with numbers on the keyboard though. One the best parts of the first one was having to type really weird anwsers during the last boss fight.

“James, go and prevent the confusion in the city.”

It just isn’t right that they’re carrying guns in the video; they need to be running around with keyboards slung and ready. But other than that knock against, this is good news; hopefully it sees release over here.