Tyranny post game spoiler thread

So I finished Tyranny last night. Played on hard. My character was ranged, bow dude. I did try and get Lore any chance I got since it seemed the most dominant conversation skill. I went with Disfavored. At the end of the game I took over the Disfavored and also Tunon. Kyros was attacking me and I cast an edict and the game ended.


I liked the game a lot. I think it is a better game than POE. I thought the combat was pretty easy for the most part in Act I. Though there were a couple of tough fights towards the end. I thought the combat difficulty ramped up a lot early in Act II. As in there were some fights that I could not win early on and had to go elsewhere and come back to when my party had more levels. Specifically the Bronze Brotherhood map on the way to Lethian’s Crossing.

At some point I got the life core rune (via conversation with Lantry, though it may be available via a vendor like a lot of the runes) and realized that every character had spell slots and the base heal 30% life spell was something everyone could cast, that made the game a lot easier. Having every party member with the base 30% heal changed the game, and Lantry with his giant lore could both improve on his base heal and also allow for some crazy AOE heals.

Around party level 10 the game got really easy and I was able to tackle pretty much every encounter on fast mode with very little intervention.

My party was me, Barik, Lantry and one of either Verse, Eb or Kills-In-Shadows. I switched out the last spot mostly based on story reasons, but all of them were effective. I never used Sirin, I thought her core skill was pretty sorry, a carry over from POE.

While I felt for the most part the game was fairly open ended in terms of giving you options, I didn’t like that the game forced me to kill the Sages and the Stonewalkers. As in, earlier in the game I had options to break with the Disfavored fighting some of the rebel factions, and I did not have those same options with the Sages or the Stonewalkers. Some of that was related to my Conquest pre-game choices, but I still think the game should have given me options with both factions, and did not.

I liked the Spire mechanic a lot but after getting the first two, the last three felt like a foregone conclusion and very throw away plot wise. Like one small map to get the last three with very little challenge/backstory.

Towards the end of the game, the very late game, I had an option to cast an Edict and there were five slots, the first three being Edicts that Kyros had cast previously and the last two being locked. Anyone have some insight as to what those last two options were and how you unlock them?

My playthrough was about identical to yours, except I always stuck with Verse. I also found the combat on Hard relatively easy, except for a small handful of encounters it took 2-4 tries to win. By the end I was ready to be done so I was kinda glad it got easy.

I too wish I had some more choices and I also wish I could have really told the Disfavored leader that even though I was working with him that I wasn’t his lackey. The end with him was pretty cool though that the player could appeal to his honor and care for his soldiers and get him to take a back seat.

The game could have used more interesting enemies to spice up combat a bit. Overall I’m glad I played, but this was one I probably should of waited on a bit as I don’t think it was worth the release price for me.

I truly did love the game, the game world, and the characters generally. The story was much more focused than poe. Combat was better and the space bar was your friend. They did a good job of balancing. My main complaint:

WAY too short. UNLESS --they are going to follow up fast.

Oh and once again -magic items and loot - probably not very exciting really mostly.

Yeah for sure way too short.

I loved the short playtime as it allowed me to finish a game, sadly a rare thing nowadays. Very enjoyable way to play a bad guy. One criticism would be that later on you do not get a chance to betray the alliance anymore and I felt locked into a way which made the last half rather linear.

Regarding the edicts, they can be researched in the library I believe. Takes forever though. Wasn’t able to finish research for even one. Built the required spire enhancement on the 4th tower only though.

Sadly for some reason I could not get the quest for the last tower to kick off, bit bummed by that. But I may replay it and hopefully can do it then.