Tyrant's Blessing: fantasy Into the Breach ripoff

Is it any damn good?

I found the first way it doesn’t measure up to the source material in my first 5 minutes of play:

when deploying your units for battle, you don’t have access to any information about what they can do.

Into the Breach, which is perfect, provides all information at all times.

Hopefully this is the only issue, and the developers used everything ELSE they learned from Into the Breach to make a game that surpasses it in every other way!


Agreed. This is obviously not a straight clone. I’m sorry I didn’t make a thread for it first, because that title is a disservice to this game.

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I think what @justaguy2 really wants is an homage to Into The Breach, not a ripoff.

I’m done with this thread, so carry on as you wish.

Wish we could nuke this one from orbit and start over.

Maybe @tomchick will do that if we ask nicely. What do you say Tom, pretty please :-)

Since Covid happened, I seem to really understand less and less what people have been posting in their messages then!

I have a hard time imagining that, without the awesome decision of sacrificing units to save cities, Into the Breach would be good, but I’m mostly driven by narrative in my broken mind, and Into the Breach is an incredible fuel generator on that front.

Thanks for posting the Steam link. It was in the second post, but Scotch deleted it

I think it was a rhetorical question, but it seems most people stopped reading after the first phrase this whole thread!

I believe it is mostly people just don’t like starting off a thread for a game with a dick title. Ripoff just has a negative connotation, especially from someone who hasn’t put enough time into it to determine it is a ripoff beyond the obvious similarities.

It’s highly classified info the people who bought it don’t want to share, but it says so on the store description.

But what are the overall impressions?

It’s only been out an hour, and it’s a small game, so no idea. Lot’s of YouTube videos out there I see, check one out and let us know!

You mean what enemies can do? You most certainly do have access to that. Tutorials are your friend. You should already know what your own units can do.

Why is the guy who bought it asking us if it’s any good? You tell me!

Frankly, from the store page, how can anyone say it’s not a copy of Into the Breach without the cool theme? oO

I don’t think anyone is denying that, the question is whether it is any good?