U guys like girls with a gut?

It seems that the big gut is in this summer. That’s all I see at work. Girls wearing short shirts showing their big fat guts! Oh… and a naval ring as well.

I saw this girl who had a fat gut and her naval ring was bleeding all over her shirt!! Eww… :shock:

Navel. Naval means having to do with the Navy.

Maybe she was sailor. :wink:

Shall we refrain from the seamen jokes?

Somehow I doubt it.

I dunno. Don’t we have a moral obligation to fill the daily quota for seamen, midget porn and beret jokes?

newsflash: the big gut is IN!

<geeks across the world cheer!>

lol… :D


Yeah, I have noticed this trend too, and it is a bit disturbing. Apparently, obesity rates are still going up (the percentage is ridiculously high…over 1/3 of Americans I think). Even so, many of these overweight people want to wear the same clothes as everyone else. I guess that’s their right, but it’s my right to be disgusted by them.

My wife often says “Just because they make it in your size does not mean that you should wear it!!

Never to their face, of course. But…Well, it seems applicable here.

I knew this would have meaning one day.


and yes, even in the sunny land of Australia I’m starting to see this… eggh

I guess navel rings are the uber in thing too? See these all the time now.

So are those base-of-the-spine/top-of-the-asscrack symbol-y tattoos.

So are those base-of-the-spine/top-of-the-asscrack symbol-y tattoos.

THink there must be a tatoo shop in my town doing a roaring trade with one single design. Know 5 girls in the office with the same tatoo which 2 other girls at the last place I worked at also had, not to mention the legions of flossies regularly spotted about town with the same design. Seems to defeat the point of it somewhat (expression of individuality etc etc).

Since when are tattoos about individuality? They’re just a way of signaling “I don’t abide by polite society’s rules.” This used to mean the whole biker gang thing, but now it’s just code for “I am slutty.” :D

And thank god for that.

God that’s fukin funny! And it’s true… That must be for about 95% of the girls that come into our shop.


I call them “underwear guides.” It looks like it is there to remind the person when to stop pulling them up. I hate those tattoos because they totally spoil the natural lines of the area.

The belly shirt thing really needs to go away quickly. I recently spent about two weeks in Westwood and on the UCLA campus, and I counted four (4) women who were wearing one and had a good enough body for it. <alien announcer voice> Women of Earth: If the west side of Los Angeles can’t pull it off, what hope do you have? </alien announcer voice>

Since I haven’t been able to get back into application development, I find myself selling womens shoes at Dillard’s. Needless to say, I get more of my share of bell shirts with more belly than shirt. Bleah! Then I run into the stockroom.

I think it has even gone past that. Now it just means, “In theory, I would like to be slutty and do act slutty, but in practice I will break your arm if you try anything.”

Also, I have found that I can tolerate and turn from many ‘too fat for bare midriff’ women while waiting for that one flat tummy with the hoop in the navel. I would say 1 out of ten is an acceptable and pleasing ratio.