U.S. implodes soccer/football with FIFA arrests

The charges, are, apparently:

“The Justice Department said that the defendants are charged with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies”

Obviously there isn’t much detail in to the basis for these charges, but it’s what they are trying to make stick. So it isn’t the bribery directly that they are going after, sounds more like they are treating this as an organized crime ring.

Ok, that makes more sense. Thanks!

NYTimes story: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/28/sports/soccer/in-a-five-star-setting-fifa-officials-are-arrested-the-swiss-way.html

Vox has a pretty good explainer, with lots of links to official statements and such: http://www.vox.com/2015/5/27/8665577/fifa-arrests-indictment

Oooo!! Nice. Thanks for that, charmtrap.

The Qatar bid is especially rancid, even for FIFA, IMHO. They haven’t even figured out how they would follow the proposed plan of moving the matches to November because of the heat, AFAIK, to say nothing of the horrendous plans to build out the infrastructure.

I wonder revisiting 2022 WC vote could be part of a plea deal??

There was a great reddit comment summarizing the unbelievable corruption in the Qatar selection: http://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/1kf33g/epl_ceo_joins_efa_is_calling_for_fifa_to_take_the/cbov711?context=3

They rate risk factors on various issues. Qatar ranks ‘low risk’ in only one area.

Every other bid had ‘low risk’ everywhere and sometimes just one or two ‘medium risk’ items.

There are other funny things as well, like FIFA requires there to be 6 different host cities, while Qatar only had three. They got around this by saying they would "build’ four new cities.

Imagine how much more Bletter could have taken in bribes if he was allowed to use his hands.

Maybe this will help stop the madness of Qatar

I want to read Hillari Clinton emails to Qatar leaders

Just last week, my wife just shared this John Oliver “Last Week Tonight” video with me about the evils of FIFA. As usual, John makes a persuasive argument.

— Alan

Why should this even be considered a theory? The US Justice system for better or for worse has made “plea deals” to get the “bigger fish” part of its operating procedure. Of course the individuals arrested are going to be asked if they can provide evidence of wrong doing by other big names, with Blatter being the PR Crown Jewel.

In fact, this entire case so far was built on a flip. The guy who has provided most of the evidence that led to these arrests was about to burn on a massive tax evasion hit when he agreed to tell everything he knew and turn over all documents he had on FIFA to the Feds.

Excellent and incredibly detailed piece from Buzzfeed (yes, Buzzfeed) on the life and career of above mentioned Chuck Blazer.

I look forward to Blatters arrest. We can pretty much guarantee one of the others will grass him up for a reduced sentence.

Very happy to see what happens to what a senior US govt official said is the last openly corrupt global organisation in the world.

Very happy to see what happens to what a senior US govt official said is the last openly corrupt global organisation in the world.

The IOC begs to differ!

My thoughts exactly.

Strangely enough, Putin doesn’t like the arrests, and supports FIFA wholeheartedly. Who would have thought!

As with all of Putin’s statements, he is spinning it as a US vs. Russia issue: the US is doing this to prevent Russia from hosting the World Cup in… I forget the date, 2018?