U.S. Seeks UN Exemption from New International Court

U.S. Seeks UN Exemption from New International Court

The United States is pushing for a U.N. exemption for its peacekeepers from prosecution by a global criminal court, an action human rights groups said on Friday was unjustified so soon after the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

The U.N. Security Council is expected to adopt a resolution on Monday that would exclude all troops serving in a U.N.-mandated operation from the court’s jurisdiction.

The resolution was to have been passed on Friday but China’s envoy asked for a delay, saying he had no instructions from Beijing.

Among the 15 council nations at least four – Brazil, Spain, Germany and France – are expected to abstain. But the measure will probably get the minimum nine votes needed for adoption.

Oh hell no! This is bullshit.

Maybe we can get that France special-exemption and not have to worry about it for the next seven years.

This week, several countries — among them Australia, Britain and Switzerland — have suggested that a limited exemption given to France in 1998 when the treaty establishing the court was approved in Rome should be extended to the United States and other countries who sign. That exemption gave France seven years of immunity for war crimes in return for a promise to sign and ratify the treaty, which France subsequently did. The French said they needed time to align their military training and laws.

Who is France invading or occupying at the moment?

Midnight- You want us to do your own fucking work for you, huh?

Bush has been against the ICC since before Iraq. This isn’t an Iraqi prisoner abuse thing, it’s about the US’s unwillingness to allow its soldiers to be prosecuted by a global court which is likely to be about as objective as you are.

No, it’s about how we are supposedly better than everybody else in the world and above reproach. If you had paid any attention to the news in the last week or two you would know better.

I’m not sure. Are they still in Haiti, Congo, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Sierra Leone?

So we’ve gone from loathing French foreign policy to imitating it?

We’re setting our diplomatic sights pretty low if we’re drawing comparison to the friggin’ FRENCH.

Who is France invading or occupying at the moment?

At the moment, Cote d’Ivoire – which was invaded in December 2002. (This was a unilateral action, it should go without saying, and was conducted without so much as a consultation with the UN.)

However, France’s 1998 ICC exemption was all about Rwanda, where France was seeking to dodge a war-crimes tribunal investigating its intervention on the side of the French-speaking Hutu government that was responsible for the genocide.


From CNN:
The inquiry was prompted by media reports suggesting that France had continued to arm and support Rwanda’s French-speaking, Hutu-led government even after the genocide of a half million Tutsis and moderate Hutus began in April 1994.

Theoretically, we shouldn’t need an exemption, but I haven’t examined it that closely. If Clinton wanted one, that’s fine with me.