U.S. war policy 'grave error'

U.S. war policy ‘grave error’

“I would be the first to acknowledge we allowed the liberation (of Iraq) to subside into an occupation. And I think that was a grave error, and in some ways a continuing error,” said Perle, former chair of the influential Defence Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon.

Richard Perle interview located at 810.

I saw Bill Kristol of the New Republic on a Daily Show rerun last night. Another arch neocon. He too was looking pretty shaky and claimed the occupation was ‘bungled’ by the Bush administration. All but admitted Bush drove us into a ditch. That said, boy, he still supports Bush but there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm there. The rats are scurrying off the sinking ship they drove into the ground themselves. Nice. “Oh, our idea was brilliant but Bush, the guy who’d do anything we said, managed to mess it all up. And so did Rumsfeld whose deputy, known as the architect of the war, Wolfowitz is one of our bestest guys.”

Fuck you.