U.S. Xbox 360 in U.K

In the next couple of months I will be leaving Japan to move to N. Ireland. I have a U.S. version 360, which works fine in Japan with just a power adaptor.
Does anyone know if it will work with U.K. televisions? I know U.K. games probably won’t play on it but I have no problems with ordering them from overseas.

Thanks for the help.

New job, John? I’m not sure how helpful this may be, but the guys at ntsc-uk.com have written a few FAQs on the subject, starting with this one.

Nice one. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a million!

Yes, a friend and I have decided to set up a language school in Ireland. Can hardly wait to get back a bit closer to home. Terrified but excited.

Glad I could help. Unfortunately, reading it a bit more suggests that the news isn’t entirely good, unless you’ve got an HDTV you’re prepared to ship over. (It can be done: A cousin of mine shipped a plasma TV from New York to Singapore, and it only needed minor repairs upon arrival. Hardly encouraging, I know…)

Good luck on the language school. It’s about time the Irish learn how to speak English.

Yeah, I’ll have to look into it all a bit more closely, I have a feeling I may be better off cutting my losses and just buying a new one.
I thought I’d at least give it a go first.

It’s not so much the Irish that worry me, it’s more I cringe at the fact that poor young Japanese students may end up speaking like they’ve grown up in Belfast!

If you’re natively speaking English, N. Ireland won’t mess you up…too much :P
(“Teeyp? Whaddayamean? Ohh, TAPE! Yes, I have the backup right here!”)

What’s the craic, Merva-san? I got millies in me nags!

I have no problems with understanding Irish pronunciation.
My business partner is Northern Irish and I have had various teachers, mates, etc. who are Irish as well.

It’s more the students I worry about! Still, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Nah, you’ll need a power converter, which will cost you less than £5 and if you don’t have/get a HDTV then you might need a RGB to SCART converter which cost even less.
Trouble is NTSC. Some European tv sets supports it and some don’t. I haven’t seen a HDTV that don’t support NTSC. You’ll get around this by using a pc monitor but ofcourse MS charges a premium for the required cable.

And once you set it up, you’ll have to continue buying NTSC games - but if you have friends in the states, that’ll end up cheaper in the long run anyway.

I know for a fact TV sets from five years back don’t support NTSC all the time :/
Buy recent or buy a HDTV/monitor once you get there. Sell whatever you have now.

As far as I know, switching output format on the Xbox 360 isn’t a huge problem.
Mine is set to American standards at the moment, anyway. Several XBLA games
need 60Hz picture, and the stupid software still reads the setting for the VGA cable!
Conversely, you can also switch a US model to 50Hz if there actually are any
games that can’t switch. But of all the titles for the 360 that I’ve seen in stores,
the ones that have a frequency requirement want 60Hz. The extras on Jade Empire
want 50Hz for some stupid reason, though. But that’s a BC title, so who cares? :)

Pretty much all modern TV sets over here support both, PAL and NTSC, nowadays. It’s not exactly a €300+ investment anymore. Unless you’re stuck with an oldie, chances are it’ll work.

The power converter Hanzii mentioned is an inevitable purchase though. ;)


When I was still living in England a few years ago I know I had no problem with Japanese DVDs.
I’ll have to buy a new telly anyway.

Thanks for all the advice.