Ubiquity(Firefox extension of the year)

Everyone is enamored with Chrome, I know, but Ubiquity is not just cooler today, I think it’s a much better step towards the FUTURE OF BROWSING etc.

Here’s a video that does a better job of selling it:

Människor med Ubiquity översatt detta utan att lämna denna flik

Wow… That is fucking amazing.

That video is a must watch.


Launchy/Quicksilver with better web integration. Neat, but it relies heavily on custom mashups.

Get the test here: http://labs.mozilla.com/2008/08/introducing-ubiquity/

This looks extremely interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

Sometimes it’s like I don’t even exist on this forum…

Weird - that last post is just totally blank.

There’s a command to Google search within current domain available here (then find “current domain” on the page). That will make Qt3 searching a lot easier.

Data is data.

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