Ubisoft dropping star force

Unofficially from the producter of Heores of might & Magic 5, No starforce on Heroes 5 or any future UBI soft product


Now if they could release a patch on their old games removing it.

Wow, I did not see that coming. Looks like if enough people complained about it, Ubi listened. Now if we can get Cinemaware to listen about SR2 I’ll be happy.

They just sold one more copy of HOMM5.

Isn’t it too late for SR2? I suppose they could patch it, but the game’s already out.

Joy!! Next step: Evil Starforce company to go out of business. How do you think are the chances of a raging mob burning down their office building and dragging employees out and pillorying them still this year?

Excellent news. Can they patch Silent Hunter 3, please?

Hasn’t Starforce said this violates 11 International laws and they are getting their lawyers ready to sue?

Just goes to show that sufficient negative press can move mountains.


Huh? You capitalized “mob”…Ok… What does that mean? I don’t get it.

Hell yes, now I’m buying HOMM5.

And Mob vs mob?!

If true, then HOMM5 is back on my watch list. Given the state of the beta I’m not sold until I hear some reviews and respected opinions on QT3 here. But with Starforce I wasn’t going to get it if it was the next CIV 4, now I’ll gladly lay down my credit card if it’s a good game.

Where’s the part in the thread about “no future Ubi game?”

The Mob. Mafia. Starforce claiming anti-starforce sentiment was stirred up by organized crime piracy rings?

Okay, maybe it was too subtle (bad) of a joke.

Wait, did you think me meant “mob” in the same way it’s used in an RPG?

Now me all confused. Where have been? Oh, yes: joy!!

Two more. I was pretty bummed about missing it, but I’m not buying any more Starforce games. Now I don’t have to.

Good move, Ubisoft!

Now, assuming the game is good, I’ll buy HOMM5.


I’d guess that the recent class action suit, and the prospect of many others, finally got the suits’ attention. Chatter on boards is one thing, lawsuits are a whole 'nother pain in the ass.

Hey wait, doesnt this mean free UBIsoft gamez will be linked from the starforce forums now?