UBIsoft picks up the Heroes and M&M series

Yippee! For $1.3 million they got a twofer according to Reuters.

Heroes V still in ICU, but the paddles staved off an untimely death at least temporarily.

$1.3m for something that’s been run into the ground? Hmmm. . . .

Paddles my ass. You read the part where Ubisoft got a hold of this, no? Bleh… bye bye HOMM.

I’ve resucitated people that looked worse than HoMM. There’s still hope!

Jeez, can’t a brotha be a little optimistic! 8)

Paddles my ass. You read the part where Ubisoft got a hold of this, no? Bleh… bye bye HOMM.

Hmm, why so pessimistic? I’m interested to see what happens with the series now that it has the possibility of a (semi) realistic development schedule. It certainly can’t get any worse than HOMM IV…

(on a side note, I’d love to see the original Might & Magic back in action again. I enjoy old school style first person hack n’ slash RPG gaming)

It certainly can’t get any worse than HOMM IV…

No shit!!! Here’s to hoping they do right by the series.

I think HoMM 4 really wasn’t that bad. I admit it has many faults, and should have been much better, but if you sort of struggle with it for a while the whole feel of the game improves.

For me a lot of my initial distaste for the game came from the weird UI choices. But after playing for a while, I realized that once learned, the UI became quite efficient and easy to use. Of course it should have been intuitive and easy to use to begin with…

I also think that putting heroes on the landscape was a good idea, and making the hero skill choices more significant (heroes can no longer just do everything) was also good.

On the other hand, the teensy monster scale is lame, the almost meaningless resource requirements for building up the cities is lame, and daily monster recruiting is lame, and various other design choices are subpar, but all in all I don’t think it was all that bad.

Anyhow, I really hope that Ubisoft somehow reassembles some of the old NWC devs and designers and comes out with more Might & Magic goodness. I really want to see that sword-through-the-earth logo again…

Sometimes, you just have to let something die.

Ditto on what Miramon said. I did not get HoMM IV right when it came out even though I am a drooling fan of the series. I was not waiting at the door when it was released. I think I waited a 3 or 4 weeks after good and bad reviews, picked it up and still played and finished all but one of the campaigns.

There were a lot of positive as well as reserved, but good reviews. Everyone talks now like it is the worst abortion of all stategy gaming time and no one on the planet should have recceived any enjoyment from it. (Much like B&W) The changes made it a drastically different game than HoMM III, but it was a game I still liked. I did not want an updated H3. Of course, I did not want an A.I. that was DOA either.

An HoMM V based on some of the good in HoMM IV and bringing back HoMM III stuff that should not have been left out is still viable, IMO. Caveat: UBIsoft has to either keeper a closer watch on the development team or give them the time to finish the game.

Let’s see if they even hire the remains of the original development team. This was just about the license, not about the people, right?

I still think we should have taken up a collection and bought this for our buddy Phil Steinmeyer.

[size=2]Whether he wanted it or not.[/size]

I believe so. Some of the team is working here and there. A couple are working on a Lord of the Rings RTS, I think. The rest are holding “Will Program for Food” signs in Northern California somewhere.

What’s wrong with Ubisoft getting them? Ubisoft has been on a roll lately IMO… Sands of Time (can’t wait to see whether all the buzz is for real), Splinter Cell (best Xbox game after KOTOR and Halo, IMO), IL-2, the Clancy games…

Makes sense they want to diversify their portfolio, and they’re certainly capable of managing their way to a good game. Time will tell (what a useless phrase!) but there are certainly worse publishers out there.

Warlords IV of Might and Magic anyone?

Ubisoft may have been on a roll lately but it’s been mostly console stuff. So if they are planning to make HOMM V or M&M X for consoles they won’t get MY business! It would be blasphemy!

That’ll be interesting. I see no reason why they cannot keep both alive, but the releases will have to be staggered somehow so as not to compete with each other. Maybe we will even get a HoMM RTS. :wink:

HOMM RTS… you, sir, are trolling!!! :)

Guilty as charged. :lol:

Perhaps a Might & Magic sidescroller is next on the menu…