Ubisoft Trouble


I just created an account for Ubisoft and am trying to login into the website, but all I get is Login Error. anyone have any clues about what that might be about?


Welcome to Ubisoft. Get used to it!
Frankly, if you got anything that tries to prevent spying activity on your browser, odds are you wont be able to login until you whitelist the hell our of their 500 gazillions parallel servers.


Okay, somehow it just worked when I tried login in through the account page. Not sure why that is any different though.


See “500 gazillions servers”;)


Bill Harris on Ubisoft Hell

How I Came To Play Northgard (a 27-step process)

  1. See that Steam has the Settlers 7: Gold Edition on sale for $4.99.
  2. Buy Settlers 7: Gold Edition.
  3. Install Settlers 7: Gold Edition.
  4. Click “Play”.
  5. Update Uplay Launcher.
  6. Update Settlers 7: Gold Edition.
  7. Update Uplay Launcher a second time.
  8. Update Settlers 7: Gold Edition a second time.
  9. Update Uplay.
  10. Update Uplay Launcher a third time.
  11. Update Uplay a second time.
  12. Create an account with Ubisoft.
  13. Express surprise that I can’t use “idiotubisoft” as a user name.
  14. Express more surprise that “muffin” is a restricted word, too.
  15. Log into my new Ubisoft account.
  16. Launch Settlers 7.
  17. Stare in wonder at a home screen for the game that includes multiple icons for the Ubisoft store and god knows what else.
  18. Adjust game settings.
  19. Keep staring at home screen, feel rising anger. Decide to hate Ubisoft with the heat of 1,000 suns.
  20. Uninstall Settlers 7.
  21. Uninstall Uplay Launcher…


Not sure why it’s Ubisoft’s fault if he wanted to stare at the home screen. Twice.

Anyway, any set of steps that includes “Uninstall Settlers 7” is clearly wrong.


This part just seems ridiculous and seems like he is reaching quite a bit here.

There are a lot of icons on the home screen of Settlers 7 but it is trivial to parse them and figure everything out. Seems like a lot of self-imposed fuss that prevented him from playing one of the best games ever to grace the hobby.


Seems more like after spending a couple of hours wading through unnecessary always online bullshit hoops to play a fuckin single player game (I mean, I assume he wasn’t shooting for mp here), he maybe didn’t appreciate the reminder of all that bullshit when it finally seemed passed and elected to spend his time with better pursuits. I mean, apart from playing a Steamworks enabled game next, at least.


Great. Bill Harris could have avoided further anger on Ubisoft games and avoided a lot of the above steps in the future if he hadn’t done this. And he would have gotten used to having UPlay on his machine only to play certain games, like having Origin on your machine to play certain other games.


I think this part

"Keep staring at home screen, feel rising anger. "

implies the game didn’t load up correctly. That was the main issue. But it isn’t very clear, to be honest.


For what it’s worth, I got pop ups not once but twice by Uplay during the intro for Far Cry 5. It is annoying having to shift+F2, close it, shift+F2 close it again, especially as I’m trying to pay attention to whats going on in my … you know … game that I purchased and just want to play.


This is a logical fallacy. There are no better pursuits than Settlers 7. Bill should have been willing to crawl over hot coals and sacrifice a puppy to get that game running. ;-)


I mean there’s always Settlers 2, AKA the best town-n-peasant management game of all time. . .


I wanted to start a thread call “Ubisoft is such PITA but why can’t I stop playing their games?” but this will do.

Anyway I’ve been playing the hell out of Steep. Previously I was playing the hell out of Ghost Recon Wildlands (who would have thought wandering Bolivian countryside while neo-imperalistically shooting drug cartel gunmen can be fun?). And then I realise I’ve been playing the hell out of The Crew 1 before that. I’m in no hurry to play Far Cry 5, though I plan to play it eventually (the first Far Cry I want to play since 1 & 2).

So what exactly did Ubisoft get right in the last few years? I played AssCreed 4 and I thought I’m sick of their formula, but then I get to their other stuff and there is a different approach and fell for their games all over again. There is still grind but the wandering of the beautiful and/or interesting game world makes it all ok.

And then there is the technical side of things. Their games on PC run like a lame donkey. Most of them are powered by the same engine so there is basically little variations in frame rate between games. Wildlands on Ultra can’t crack average 60 fps even on a monster rig. Steep in particular is a PITA because the particle effect effectively tanked framerate (on both ATI and nvidia cards), and there is NO fix, and no way to disable particle effect.

Oh Ubisoft, you are so easy to hate but I can’t stop loving your games.


Be sure not to miss The Crew 2. That’ll cure what ails you! :)



I suspect I may like it. In 6-12 months time when it is “ready”.


When I was at the university I use to create artificial life things. I wrote many programs that simulated life, with the entities simulated having some sort of DNA, and sexual reproduction, predators. In some experiments there where clearly defined roles, like predators or plants.

With the help of friens I upgraded my programs to simulate more than 5000 different enties, rendering then to the screen as dots.

Of course, when I played Ultima 7, I loved it. One of the quest at the begining is a vendor you need something. A way to complete this quest is to put a chair in the front door of the shop, they wait for him to go home. Since the NPC will be unable to close the door, you would be able to enter and loot this shop. Because the NPC daily routines are simulated, and the physics of a door closing.

Since the first time I saw Minecraft I loved it. I really loved all the part about water simulation and fire simulation, because was very similar to what I did on the university. On Minecraft fire is a lifeform that grown, reproduce, and ultimatelly die. Water really works very similar, but have a infinite lifespan, so don’t die.
I remember videos of Minecraft alpha, where a single tile of water would fill the entire server instance like a tsunami or more preciselly, like a plague.

My problem with Ubisoft, or all the recent Open World Ubisoft games is that don’t have anything like this, or even less than Minecraft or Ultima 7. There are not system below to make the world follow some self-imposed rules. Are worlds of bullshit with bullshit rules.

Ubisoft probably thinks making games with simulation subsystems is too expensive, or hard to turn into a game. Maybe they are correct. But I think it steals all the fun from a open world experience.

Theres just a minimal of subsystems below to make the world make sense. Too light. The graphics are cool, but the world is bullshit.

Withouth these subsystems, I think using a open world is kind of a waste, or a “scam”. Or that seems to me. But I imagine other people have less interest in games “making sense”.


PC game sales making a comeback!

And of course we don’t want to overlook the PC’s role in all of this: PC sales accounted for 24 percent of Ubisoft’s total for the quarter, up from 21 percent of the first-quarter total in 2017-18 and behind only the PlayStation 4, which accounted for 38 percent of sales (down from 44 percent in Q1 2017-18). The Xbox One, which barely edged out the PC last year, came in third this time around, accounting for 22 percent of sales by platform.