Ubisoft, you make me cry!

After getting somewhat excited at the graphical update Rainbow Six: Lockdown promissed, I don’t think I have ever played a sequel so…wrong…in my life.

Lockdown, to be brief, is not an R6 game. The tactics and planning are gone, along with the more realistic feel of its predecessors. In its place is a vanilla FPS with incredibly stupid AI (“Oh, look! I’ll stand up, sans cover, and fire incessantly at anything that moves!”).

Why does Ubisoft hate us so? They have some of the best licenses and this is the tripe they produce? I shudder to think what the next Ghost Recon will be like, extra work or not.

I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there won’t be an announcment that SilentHunter IV will be ported over to consoles.

It is unfortunate that both the team AI and the terrorist AI is so… lacking compared to Raven Shield, etc. Never before in an R6 game have I had my squad members run in front of my field of fire. While it was nice to see that the terrorists were no longer “ex-special-forces-level” of threat, they always seemed to move around and expose themselves too easily. I could just use old FPS tricks to get out in the open for the easy kill.

Alright! I killed two of my team members on the mission last night! Both times they were snuck in front of me, crouched, then stood up while I was taking out the bad guys. I love the “one of you team members is down, we are sending a medivac” comment right after they die.

There also doesn’t seem to be any penalty for not being stealthy. The hostages were never in any danger when I charged in.