Ubisoft's Steep - Open world extreme snow sports

Wow, that DLC sounds great. 90s music included!

I bought the new DLC and had a play. For the price you are paying it isn’t worth it IMO. Just a bunch of challenges and the X game events. X game events are strangely similar to Winter Olympic events. Hell Olympics has even more varieties with additional slalom events.

Sticking with the base game is completely fine, especially with PvP multiplayer now available. I also had a play and it was fine. Collision physics is completely bonkers though.

Nobody told me there were spaceships in this game! Lemme go look at the store page again…

Since this is being given away free for the next few days, is any of the DLC a must have? I see most of it up for sale right now.

Do you have access to Alaska and Japan?

A couple of months ago, I was looking into the DLC, and the Alaska expansion seems to have disappeared from everywhere. You can still buy the Road to the Olympics expansion (which everyone seemed to agree is too hard), and the X-games DLC. The normal Season Pass no longer lists the Alaska DLC as part of it, now it’s just a bunch of outfits and stuff. The X-Games content says it takes place in Alaska though, so maybe they made Alaska part of the main game? Is that what happened?

I googled, they gave it away to everyone now for free.

So it seems no DLC is needed unless you really love the game and want more challenges.

I remember Alaska and Japan used to be DLC only, but I honestly have nfi now. If you can access Alaska and Japan right off the bat, then there is really no reason to buy any DLC. Some Olympic events are super tough, like Slalom, that I can’t even get bronze.

Gorgeous video of Steep captured via the Director’s mode. Ubisoft really know how to create breathtaking worlds. Makes me want to dive back in.

Easily the best snow I’ve ever seen in a game.

Japan is free, was announced at E3.

Sweet, thanks for the heads up.

Yep I snagged the ticket for Tokyo this morning before work. Took like 10 minutes to do the tutorials and then the map opens up.

Beautiful looking game, that snow sparkle!

I couldn’t snag a ticket. Might I already have it?

Thanks for this. I played for about 10 minutes this morning, trying to figure out how to get to a shop so I can get Japan, but couldn’t figure it out. I guess I need to play past the tutorials.

After the last tutorial it tells you to check out the map. Zoom out, and then at the bottom one of the buttons you can press lets you change region or something like that. But you need a ticket, and then the Japan ticket shows up as costing 0, buy that. :)

Nice. That was not easy to figure out. You have to be on the map screen, then press RB to Travel, and then you have to use the d-pad to change away from Alaska to Asia. Then when you try to travel there, it says you need to get a ticket, and it takes you to the store to buy a ticket, where it’s zero steep bucks.

I apparently already had a ticket to Asia, because I just went right there, Japan included. Yay!

Downloaded this earlier today. I thought that Japan map was free forever but it said it ends 6/16. I realize this just as I was starting it for the first time half an hour before it expires. I was frantically racing through the tutorial, didn’t know how long it would take for the store to open up. Made it to Japan though!

Nice, yeah I am not sure how much mileage I’ll get out of this, but it sure looks nice.