Backed. So fucking backed.

Oh, direct link to the Kickstarter since it WASN’T IN THE OP FOR SOME REASON. ;)

That would be U-REBOOT, right?

Same here, there’s definitely a place for an engaging sub game that provides plenty of game activity between engagements. I am guessing from the early info, it will be a lot like Crash Dive, frequent engagements with minimal run up time. Of course, for me, a big part of the fun and stimulation is determining the enemy course and speed and plotting a successful intercept without being detected. We’ll have to see how they arrange this aspect.

Oh sorry, the links are in the article.

Y’all ever read the front page of this website? ;)


I’m really looking forward to this. I like how their crew-centric approach seems to pick up where Silent Hunter 5 left off. And the idea of the water rising up to drown your little sim crew puts a really human touch on a genre that’s been conspicuously missing the human touch. I don’t really need to see burning crew members when a battleship’s magazine blows up, but most naval games can barely manage to even show little people on deck. Crews are just a number. That’s always made naval strategy games and sims feel coldly impersonal to me.

Those jokes never get old. So hilarious! “This site has a front page? Haw haw!” <insert passive-aggressive eyeroll emoji>

But, yeah, this has been on my radar since it launched over two weeks ago, when I wrote up a nudge towards their campaign. I’m kind of bummed that it didn’t seem to make its way to some of you on the forum. And you of all people, Brian Rubin! Because, really, submarines are just spaceships in a more viscous version of space!


I check out the front page regularly and I still missed it, sometimes when there are a bunch of new items some just get lost in the shuffle. I’ll go back and read it though.

It’s all in good fun, I think. ;)

And c’mon, I’ve been a fan of submarine games since GATO. ;)

I’m not sure I agree. At least from what I’ve seen of games like Harpoon and other submarine games. You have to raise your periscope to see anything right? You’re just going off sonar otherwise. In contrast, space sims tend to be very visually oriented, even the more tactical ones or simulation-heavy ones. Submarine games never appealed to me because it seemed like most of the time you couldn’t see what was going on. And that’s part of the simulation, and part of the appeal of course.

Of course, there are exceptions, like Archamedean Dynasty, which really was just a space sim set under water. And I liked it a lot.

Oh, I don’t mind if folks miss something on the front page. But I can’t help but chafe at that old chestnut about “there’s a front page?” I mean, there was a time that was a legitimate question, when I was working full time for the Sci Fi Channel and the front page was basically just links to the occasional reviews I’d written elsewhere. But since then, every single thing I’ve written in the last six years is on the front page. Furthermore, Nick Telefrog* has done a fantastic job posting stories never just for the sake of posting a story, but because he has something funny or relevant to say about it. Anything on the front page is there because we feel it’s interesting enough to share, and never because we have to get in filler to meet some daily quota of content.

Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent. I know Brian was kidding and I should have just let that slide. My bad.

Whoa, awesome pull, Mr. 8man. I can’t take issue with anyone who brings up Archimedean Dynasty! But, yeah, I was just trying to trick Brian. I didn’t know he’d do a jujitsu on me and roll out his subsim cred.


  • I think I shall start calling him this because calling someone named Nick Diamon “Telefrog” makes no sense, plus the fact that I’m jealous how cool a name Nick Diamon is.

I love Archimedean Dynasty so much. It’s such a shame the Aquanox games were basically crap.

Subwar 2050 was even better.

I forgot about the Aquanox games, think I own them on GOG and never got around to playing them. I used to really enjoy a game called Sub Rebellion on the PS2, pretty fun little submarine game but as you might imagine not really a sim. The Steel Diver games on the 3DS are pretty ok too, you can use the 3DS itself as a kind of periscope. But, you know, also pretty lightweight. The game I mean, the 3DS can get a little heavy.

I was just kidding! Mostly I was all…“Wait, did I dream this game existed? Because I could swear…”

One more new sub game (I checked, did not see it on the front page): HMS Marulken; designed to be played as a team of four.

Wish both of these projects would get like 50k influx of money. Hey Notch!

Well, jpinard, your wish is my command (sort of).

Welp, it has been a while to see a new submarine simulator game surfaced on this market since Silent Hunter 5.

Hmmm , I like some of what I see.

Okay, this looks freaking amazing. I’ve never been interested in a submarine sim until just now.

Yes! I await @tomchick 's inevitable stream later this year where he will order an Emergency Blow.