UC Gets an expansion pack

I cant believe that this hasnt been posted here yet, so here is the post from BluesNews with all of the comments (76 at last count)


'We have no immediate plans to develop another stand alone Battlecruiser title in the short term. As such, today we are announcing the above currently in progress addition to the Universal Combat franchise. Our aim with UCHTL is to improve on various critical aspects of the previous title in order to provide an even more advanced and fun title based on lessons learned from the previous offering.

Probably the last of its kind in the Battlecruiser series as we have come to know it, we are making UCHTL the all-encompassing game with as much advancements and fun filled gameplay in first person planet-side careers as is currently seen in the space borne careers. An extensive FAQ which will be frequently updated to reflect inbound questions, is located at www.3000ad.com/products/uchtlfaq.html .’

Yay! More boxes to point at laugh at as they gather dust at every retail store! I just hope Supreme High Commander Doctor Derek Smart puts his name on the box of this one. That way people will start urinating on them again!

I still haven’t seen Universal Combat in any stores here in Australia. When was it released ?

dunno, never seen it in a US store either.

The pricing was interesting, his faq mentions it will be either 19.95-29.95…

Has an expansion ever cost more than the core games original msrp?

Probably the last of its kind in the Battlecruiser series as we have come to know it,

Famous last words there. Or, “I’ve heard that before…”

Has anyone played it? I see it at target all the time…i know it is a silly question, but is it any good…like 19.99 good?

Yes, I think it’s good, if not VERY complex. I’m working on a review of it, and it’s pretty enjoyable. :) Then again, I’ve enjoyed ALL of the BC games (yes, even the original, call me a sadist…)