UEFA Champions League, 2011/2012

2 years ago Barcelona lost to Milan who only had 10 men at the semi stage, almost like déjà vu as they employed exactly the same tactics. They went on to win it.

Three years ago, Barca beat Chelsea on away goals while Barca only had ten men.

Yep but over the last 3 or 4 years all we hear is how great Barcelona are so no surprise with 10 men even. However Milan and Chelsea were massive underdogs and yet still went on to win even with 10 men.

Makes you wonder if they would have got the same result with 11 or if the stand up and be counted we only have 10 men had something to do with it.

Given how a large part of Barca’s threat is how they rob attacking teams of the ball, I’d say going down to 10 men wasn’t as big a blow as losing Cahill. Although there’s something to be said for having more agile defenders at centre back than him.

I tought Bayern was just the team that played better over the semis. I mean, sure, Chelsea managed to hold on and win, but they also had a LOT of luck (consider the strikes to the posts, Messi botching the penalty). Bayern, however, looked in control of both games against RM.

Add to that they play at home and Chelsea has more starters out (carded) and I think they have an edge.

I certainly wish they win it. I do not expect Chelsea to park the bus as they did against Barca. That said, I would not be surprised either if Chelsea pull it off.

3 more things:

Di Matteo: keep the job in Chelsea?


You can see how Bayern takes some of it´s play out of the Barca style. They are great at pressing when they want, their midfild just plain dominated RM, and from what a german buddie was telling me (I didn´t see BM´s games in the German liga) they were looking very good at the start, only to dissapoint as the tournament went on.

Finally, I heard rumors that Mr. Joachim Löw could be on the line as the next RM coach. I think that´d be a great match. I am not completely sold on Mou.

Apparently Pep Guadiola will announce today he is stepping down as Barcelona manager at the end of the season as well.

Yup. Tito Vilanova (his right hand man for years) will take over.

I´m having flashbacks of the Barca - Chelsea games.

Exactly. When does Torres come into the game?


Chelsea played a better game in the second half, but I think BM has been the superior side, overall.

Of course, we go down to penalties now…

Edit: an man, what a strike from Drogba to tie the game, damn.

Chelsea should be putting the “Drogba monument” on their budget, seriously.
Congratz Chelsea!!

This game must have been a nightmare for Robben and Schweinsteiger.

I’m impressed by Petr Cech. That was amazing keeping. First Rooney then Messi and now Robben. Not a small feat.

Congratz to Chelsea! Drogba was a beast!


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Bayern bottled it. No other explanation.

This wasn’t a Chelsea/Barca situation - Chelsea’s defence was pretty horrible last night and overall they were completely outplayed, it’s just that Bayern contrived to miss a hatful of chances and then completely fell apart when Drogba equalised.

Monster header!

JM, that’s pretty much it. Local media outlets are complaining about this being unfair and/or Bayern Munich having a case of “bad luck” - when it’s just them being too incompetent at converting all the chances they had with the exception of Müller’s goal. Gomez alone could have scored twice or thrice. And letting Robben go for that penalty kick… (or any corner kick or free kick for that matter: Bayern has such a piss-poor record here.)