Ufc 87


Should be a good night of fights.

GSP v Fitch
GSP is always exciting to watch and Fitch is game but has looked a little flat lately. I think GSP really learned from his loss to Serra to not take anyone lightly, as seen by his conservative and thoughtful approach in their re-match. Unless Fitch comes in in perfect shape and an excellent game plan and executes it on it flawlessly, I see GSP taking this one. TKO via GnP in the 3rd.

Brock v. Herring
Who knows? I was actually at the even when Brock made his debut a few months ago and something I think that is not conveyed well by the camera is A) the guy is FUCKING HUGE and B) incredibly explosive and fast for his size. You could tell Brock was just nervous/excited/amped and just got caught by the more experienced Mir. If Brock can just be patient, I think he has the potential to take this one as well. Herring is a good fighter but has never been anything but a journeyman. He fights too unevenly and is never really super impressive in any one area, but you have to give the experience to him.

Huerta v. Ken-Flo
I’m probably most excited about this fight. Both of these guys as game as hell and always bring it in their fights. This has the potential to be over in 30 seconds in a flurry of activity or it could be a 3 round war of attrition. This is a toss up as well but I’d say I’m leaning 60/40 towards Kenflo just for superior BJJ and experience.

Also, anyone catch the WEC last night on Vs? Damn, those were some great fights. Some of the most beautiful judo I’ve ever seen pulled off in MMA was on display. I’ll look for some gifs.

I’m looking forward to this card for the variety in the fights. I don’t see GSP losing to Fitch. GSP is on a different level, and is one of the biggest fighters, in terms of cutting and rehydrating, in any weight class.

Call me a goof, but I love seeing fighters like Brock Lesnar compete. Yes, he is a human anomaly (previously enhanced), and he is early in his MMA training, but boy is he exciting. I can see this match coming down to a battle of two exhausted fighters somewhere in the 2nd round. Heath has always had endurance troubles and anyone Brock’s size will suffer the same. Heath has heavy hands and may be able to knock Brock out (we’re not sure of his chin yet). Knowing Brock’s submission defense game is poor, Health may try a sloppy submission.

The Ken-Flo fight will be an energy packed battle where ever it ends up. Both fighters are energizer bunnies and both are crafty on the ground. I’m hoping this fight is part standing and part ground battle. I couldn’t guess who will win this one.

I love watching the WEC. Their production value is on par with the UFC (something Pride always lacked) and their fighters are exciting, albeit one to two notches under UFC fighters for the most part. Stann’s lack of experience was exposed and Condit was put to a test with a long battle. I’m a huge fan of Faber and Torres.

This has been a great summer for MMA, even if it’s bordering on over saturation. :)

I had actually forgotten about this card. Oversaturation is right.

Great card overall and Lesnar is scary big. I mean, Heath Herring is a damn big guy and he just looked dwarfed. And the sheer amount of punishment he took, hell, I winced when I saw some of those knees come in.

I thought it was a really solid night of fights. Everyone I expected to win won… so I guess there weren’t any surprises, but everything was pretty good.

Details! Some of us missed it. :(

I really really wish Brock had hit that spear. He would have sent Herring through the cage!

What a contrast from the WEC card the weekend before. There, all but one fight ended in the first round. Here, the main events went the distance, as did a couple of others IIRC.

Lesnar keeps going back to wrestling with hitting, he’d do well to learn some other moves.

Huerta was disappointing, but his opponent fought a smart fight and took him out of his game.

Fitch is one tough son of a gun. As was Herring. Both took shots I thought would end the fight.