UFC - General Thread

So Evan Tanner is dead - pretty sad, and crazy way to go:

In the second-to-last entry posted on his Spike-TV blog on August 27, Tanner wrote,[INDENT] “I’ve been sitting around this apartment, bored to tears, waiting on the last of the gear I need for the desert adventure to come in the mail. I’ve really been looking forward to getting out there. I’ve been writing about it a little bit here. It seems some MMA websites have reported on the story, posting up that I might die out in the desert, or that it might be my greatest opponent yet, etc. Come on guys. It’s really common down in southern California to go out to the off road recreation areas in the desert about an hour away from LA and San Diego. So my plan is to go out to the desert, do some camping, ride the motorcycle, and shoot some guns. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. A lot of people do it. This isn’t a version of “Into the Wild”. I’m not going out into the desert with a pair of shorts and a bowie knife, to try to live off the land. I’m going fully geared up, and I’m planning on having some fun.
I do plan on going back pretty far, so I did mention in one of my posts that I wanted to make sure to have good quality gear. Any failure of gear out in the desert could cause a problem.”[7]

[/INDENT]Tanner had recently purchased a dirt bike, and on September 3 he rode into the desert-like region north of Brawley, California to go camping.[8] According to Tanner’s manager John Hayner, Tanner called that afternoon to say that his bike had run out of gas, and that he would accordingly walk back to civilization.[8] [2]According to the marine search and rescue team who found his body, he was in the desert camping and while trying to return to his camp after hiking to Clapp Springs, he succumbed to elements after he drank all of his water while hiking to anticipated wet springs, only to find them dry. He waited until nightfall, after calling friends, to attempt a quest back to his campsite where he still had water and a fully fueled motorcycle. Evan succumbed to the exposure of the elements. He was found 2 miles from his camp after having hiked 5 miles away. Temperatures that day reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and friends became concerned and reported Tanner missing after he failed to contact them.[8] His body was discovered by a Marine helicopter on September 8, and the Imperial County sheriff’s office cited heat exposure as a preliminary cause of death.[

Would have been nice to have given Tanner a better send off at Fight Night than the opening screen…

Pretty decent Fight Night card. I love the Carpenter Guida. He should really change his moniker to Caveman though. That guy just has supernatural cardio.

Yeah, sad about Evan. He really was a sort of warrior-poet, raginging individualist - the kind you don’t see much anymore. It would have been ince if the UFC had at least given him a proper memorial montage of some sort.

Fights were all right. Guida is intense as always, I really like that guy.

Houston Alexander looked great for the first minute, as usual, but my wife has better BJJ then that guy. He’ll never amount to anything if he doesn’t move to a real camp. If it doesn’t happen soon, I expect the UFC to cut him.

Nate came across as a thug, as usual, but looked good in his fight. While I really like their use of new school no-gi BJJ in fights, I really don’t care for either of the Diaz brothers due to the massive chips they have on their shoulders.

The new season of TUF showed some potential. I really wonder what Nog is going to be able to bring to the table with his limited English though.

He completely overwhelmed Danzig, which surprised me. But then, I suppose it was not a good matchup for him, he had no answer for Guida’s takedowns and Guida was way too strong to end up in any of Danzig’s submission attempts.

I think that mop of hair helps him stay out of chokes and guillotines.

I’ll echo the Guida love. I’ve been a fan of his ever since he fought Tyson Griffin.

A shame about his brother leaving the Ultimate Fighter though.

Man, that’s one ugly family - they look like Neanderthals. Interesting that Clay is a cardio-master, while his brother looked like a fat shit, at least in MMA terms. Lame that he arrived so overweight and couldn’t fight. Kinda funny how the substitute arrived - looked fit and relatively impressive…and then was destroyed by my Polish brethren in 5 seconds flat and off the show again. No War Machine this time.

Rashad’s brother also seemed pathetic.

Just a reminder, UFC 89 is on Spike tonight for free. http://89.ufc.com/

No one I’m really thrilled to watch but the two main event fights are interesting match ups stylistically. Of course, it usually on some throw away show like this where no one is expecting much that some really exciting fights occur.

Yeah, those are two interesting fights. Even though they’re lame headliners, they’re very unlikely to be dull.

Well UFC 89 ended up being a snoozer. http://90.ufc.com/ looks to offset it though. They’re isn’t a single boring fight on the card. I think it has th epotential to be the best show of the year.

Also, massive LOLs that Cote has anything for Anderson. I mean it’s a fight and anything can happen, but if somehow Cote wins it’s through a fluke of some sort.

The Anderson Silva fight can’t be boring, but it’s a pretty lame matchup. Cote is a bad joke.

That somewhat taints the card to me, but I have to agree that it’s probably the most packed card the UFC has had since April.

I’m particularly interested in seeing how Sherk does - the year off, at his age, certainly didn’t help against BJ, but that’s certainly an understandable loss in any event. I wonder if he can be the dominant cardio-machine that he was prior to his suspension.

Yeah, a loss to BJ doesn’t do too much to tarnish him in my eyes. I caught the weigh-ins last night and the crowd booed him rather severely. I don’t think he’s ever going to be able to shake that roid-charge off. Which is a shame as he’s a pretty impressive and dominant fighter, albeit a little too “lay n pray” for me sometimes.

I’m still looking for the prelims for UFC 89. Having two Swedes fighting in the UFC the same night and not being able to see it is damn annoying.

Anyway, I read an interview with David Bielkheden prior to his UFC 89 fight against Jess Liaudin. It seems they had met once before a couple years back in another promotion, but at that time they were both fighting not at lightweight but as middleweights. The weight cutting needed to be competitive in the UFC is damn brutal.

I hope the UFC never holds another event in or near Chicago again. What a pack of assholes in that crowd tonight. And if I’d heard one more stupid ass fucking ref say, “let’s go,” while the fighers were exchanging positions, hitting, slipping guard, etc., I was going to scream.

Shame about Cote’s knee though.

I couldn’t decide whether Silva was being merciful or cruel by carrying Cote as long as he did.

Damn shame about Cote. It’s a horrible way to end a fight and I hope he has a speedy recovery. That said, Silva was getting the best of the exchanges standing up as expected and certainly didn’t look like he was gonna give up his belt anytime soon.

Thiago Alves looked vicious and Koscheck is a damn tough opponent. Alves vs GSP next?

Very impressed by Alves. I was surprised that Koscheck took this fight on short notice, it was a dangerous fight for him but I figured he’d have no trouble taking Alves down. It’s still hard to imagine Alves being able to avoid being taken down by GSP but it’s got to be the next fight after GSP/Penn. He looked very tough.

Silva is coming to dangerously close to looking like a bit of a prick out their at times. I don’t think it’s his intention at all, he’s just out there having fun and trying to entertain a bit but I could see someone taking it as disrespectful. He was obviously toying with Cote, and could have ended that whenever he wanted. I’m not sure if it’s for entertainment, or if he’s just getting bored of this. It seemed like he was trying to make sure that went at least three.

Still not sure who he fights from now on. I still want to see Okami get a shot but past that there’s not much available. Bisping? He’s not ready and he knows it. Franklin shouldn’t go anywhere near him. I’d like to see Henderson again, but not sure that’d be any different.

Hated to see Werdum lose as well. I thought he was getting screwed in this whole Heavyweight ordeal, and he walked into a nasty knockout there.

Good show overall. I really enjoyed most of the fights.

That Werdum knockout was awesome.

I don’t think Silva was being an ass - nobody seems to show more respect for the sport than he does. He bowed to all of Cote’s coaches after the fight, etc. He’s always a slow starter in the first round, and Cote was understandably cautious and trying to be unpredictable, so Silva never really got comfortable with his range. But Silva was never in danger, and it was a bad mismatch.

Cote may have exposed the way to beat Silva though - by throwing off his pacing and mixing up your own approach, between stalking/retreating - it may not make an interesting fight, but it prevented Silva from really getting in sync, and Cote (or another dangerous striker) could get lucky in that context. But I also think Silva is vulnerable to a top wrestler, although he may be the most elusive striker ever.

I was actually more impressed by Koscheck in that loss than I have been in most of his wins (other than the last one). But Alves looked good enough to earn a title shot soon - be a great match with GSP.

Also reasonably happy with Sherk’s performance, although the Sherk of 12 months ago would have really picked up the pace in the last half of the 2nd round and done a lot more damage.

Wow, finally saw these fights with audio, and is this comment ever bang-on. What the fuck was with those Refs, particularly in the Maynard fight?? He was so clueless, it seemed like it was a video game with canned commentary that inappropriately plays soundbites at seemingly random moments. “Let’s go gentlemen, get busy”- as elbows are crashing down on a mounted fighter’s noggin.

What about Coulture and Lesner. I’d love to see Randy win, and would have really liked to have seen this fight with the Randy of 15 years ago, but I think Lesner is just too much of a beast. On the other hand, Frank Trigg weathered the storm and got a submission, and Randy is certainly craftier than Trigg…hard to count him out after he demolished Gonzaga. I still predict Lesner in a spectacular knockout than ends Randy’s career.

Other predictions:

  • Demian Maia gets an easy submission against Nate Quarry
  • Gonzaga destroys Josh Hendricks - knockout
  • Amir Sadollah - not going to lose his UFC debut, but he may disappoint in winning against Nick Catone
  • Kenny Florian vs Joe Stevenson - Florian improves every match though, and I’d like to see him win - without the Huerta fight I wouldn’t take him, but I will now.

Sadollah’s out with a leg infection. A shame, really.

Oh, and it was Frank Mir that got the submission. His face looked like hamburger at the end of the fight, but he won.

I can’t help it.

Oops- yeah, just typed the wrong name. Funny mistake, since I just watched Ultimate Fighter too - been one of the best seasons ever, I think, although I could do without the grossout pranks. That “punch me!” moment was an instant classic.

So predictions, Rick?