UFC Undisputed 2010: Even More Undisputed

Anyone else pick this up? I just started up the career mode and there seems to be some sort of “Team Camp” thing you can found with other players. I hear the online has been flaky but it seems okay to me so far.

The training interface is kind of confusing, I just lost some points as an amateur because I apparently went too far between levelling up specific abilities. weird.

it’s stat decay. your trainer will give you a warning before it happens. it’s pretty important to read the screens that popup in this game.

Its amazing how quickly you can loose abilities and such.

Last week at MMA training, the trainer asked me to demonstrate an omo plata. I utterly failed, having completely forgotten how to initiate the move. It has been about six months since we last drilled that move. I was humiliated and amazed at how quickly you loose such knowledge if you dont keep rehearsing them.

As for stats, I think it differs from person to person. Some of my team members can go without training for a month and still be strong and well-conditioned. Me, i guess im old, because when i was out of the game for six weeks due to an injurey, i had traded 10kg of muscle for 15kg of fat and became as ill conditioned as a complete beginner. bah. and i had forgotten how to do an omo-plata as well :/

Anyway, thats my real-life experience, havent tried the game yet.

I picked it up on ps3 and its pretty good. Overall its better in every area compared to 2009 but there are still some frustrating things. They changed submissions but the tutorial isn’t very clear and I can’t seem to get the timing down on reversals. Also running into GPS in career mode will ruin your day. Bottom line if you liked 2009 you will like 2010.

It’s a bit too easy to game the system imo. I managed to have a guy with 100 in every skill and max ability stats at the end of my career.

So you became Anderson Silva?

Is there a “being a dick” skill that was also maxed out?

I already had that maxed out, don’t you ever read my posts? Or is Silva a dick too? (I don’t follow UFC, but I love the game ;) )

Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant. Silva is a dick. I was not referring to you. :)

I loved the last game for about two weeks and got bored with it. Kind of holding off on 2010 for that reason… do I have time to burn out on a game?

I find multiplayer is what’s fun for me. Especially playing the same people enough to try to figure out how they play.

Has anyone tried an online fight camp? What does it actually do?

The manual is paper thin and doesn’t describe ANY of the multiplayer features.

in an fight camp you can spar with friends or play ranked matches versus others. the camp as a whole has stats comprised of it’s members.

In addition you can do training in the fight camp just like you do in single player career except you play the training against another player in your camp. You gain skill levels from training people as well and your trainer level goes up. not sure what that does yet though since we have a whopping 3 people in my camp and one of them gets disconnects when he plays with me.

There are cutscenes at the weigh ins where you are given an option to either be “respectful” (shake your opponent’s hand) or “disrespectful” (push him away). Apparently if you’re disrespectful enough you be boo’d and other stuff like that (I haven’t made it far enough to see it yet).

Spence pretty much summed it up perfectly - if you liked 2009 you’ll really like 2010.

PS3 version comes with like 6 videos of full fights too, including Bonnar-Griffin 1.