UFC Undisputed 3 - A kick to the groin for a fighting newb

I got the game today and went through the tutorials. It’s quite overwhelming. There is such a wide variety of button and stick presses that I have no idea how to even approach it. Striking is simple enough, but I want to experience the entire aspect of fighting. Things also happen way too fast for me to react to. I can guess when the guy is going to strike so I can try to perform a counter, but if I try to react and time a counter based on his movement it is over before I can do anything.

Anyone have any tips on how to learn and become proficient at a game like this? I usually don’t play fighting games. On defense, do they expect a human to be able to react to a strike or am I just supposed to guess? Man do I suck.

I think you are supposed to guess based on your feel for the flow and rythm of the fight. I never managed to learn the game well enough myself, preferring the real deal which hurts a little more, but is also relatively easier to learn ;-)