UFOs are scouting our nuclear weapons stockpile


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It’s a CNN video, so there’s nothing really to cut and paste to pique your interest.

if you can type fast, you can transcribe:

ropbert hastings. ufo researcher: Declassified us government documents and eyewitness testimony from former or retired military personnel confirm without any doubt the reality of ongoing ufo incursions at nuclear weapons sites.

When i say ufo the witnesses have described these crafts as disc shaped or cylindrical shaped or spherical. these objects are capable of hovering and high velocity flight, usually completely silently.

over the past 37 years i have personally located and interveiwed more than 120 of these former or retired military personnel, all of whom report ufo incidents at one or more of the following locations: nuclear missile sites, nuclear weapons storage areas, and nuclear weapons test sites in nevada and the pacific during the era of atomic atmospheric testing.

Bob Salas former usaf captain:
sometime in the evening hours of march 24th i received a call from one of my topside guards…light security controller… stating that they had been observing odd lights in the sky making odd maneuvers and wanted to report it. i thought it was kinda strange report but took it seriously. you have to understand we were protecting nuclear weapons … the reports we generally got were very professional. at any rate i kinda dismissed the call. he called back about 5 minute slater. this time he was screaming into the phone. saying they’re looking at an object, a red glowing object hovering just above our front gate.

I’ve seen this claim a lot in the past, where UFOs have been “scouting” nuclear-capable airbases and other facilities.

Yeah… what more can be said. Shit is real.

— Alan

Where have i seen that guy before?

We’re so used to aliens in science fiction, i wonder if people will really be all that surprised if/when we do find them?

Oh, and what’s coincidental is that these objects match the ones my parents saw in the New Mexico desert, oh, about 20 years or so ago. My sister and i were asleep in the back of the car.

I mean, yea… I’ve heard all this stuff given attention before, too… on Art Bell, not CNN.

Maybe the UFOs have Saddam’s WMDs and are working with Al Qaeda.

Yeah, I heard an interesting episode of Coast to Coast in which this was discussed. When military personnel come forward and talk about this stuff, it’s pretty compelling, at least to me.

Bruce Fenstermacher. retired usaf captain.
Right above us theres a huge white thing, pulsating light. above us… and… i had to call them to make sure i wasnt seeing anything. upon prodding he told us it was shaped like a fat cigar, i think he said a pregnant cigar, white pulsating light… between the pulsations he saw red and blue lights. it was silent cause i prodded him saying is it some kind of helicotper. he said no its very silent. we’re talking to him for several minutes and he says its starting to move away along our access road

I believe–these gentlemen believe–that this plant is being visited by beigns rom another world who for whatever reason ahve taken an itnerest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of wwii. Regarding the missile shut down incidents, my opnion–their opinion–is that whoever are aborard these craft are sending a singla to both washignton adn moscow, among others, than we are playign with fire. that the possession and threatened use of nucclear weaposn potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment.

What are the “missile shut down” incidents?

There have been incidents where UFOs show up and apparently mess with the missile launch instrumentation, including shutting it down.

…and… this is supposed to be a peaceful sign?

All interpretation. Either they want us to love each other, or they are planning to invade. Hard to say, but I plan to have lots of sex either way.

No… haha, it’s silly, but i’m pretty sure aliens won’t announce messages of worldwide philosophical importance, such as “Hello, please don’t destroy yourselves!”, by sneaking around military instillations disabling a few things here and there. OTOH, it wouldn’t be a bad AI program to run on Earth-bound probes to see if it were possible to disable them, after uncovering their existence, if you (an alien entity/nation/whatever) were concerned about nuclear weapons for some or another reason other than human self preservation…

Skepticism is dead.

Oh lord, it’s just fun to ride the wave for an afternoon.

In any event, what’s the pitch? A new book?

United Nations appoints ambassador toextraterrestrials

I been fuckin’ alien bitches since I’s a shorty

“E.T. address the general assembly” just doesn’t have the same ring as “phone home.”

Dammit. I wanted that job.