Uggh. video deleted

I had a video posted that had shown people putting a cat on fire. I highly doubt anyone wants to see it so I’m taking it off the forums.

have a nice day. :D

Jeeze, thanks for taking that off. Seriously.

The Whittalinks and threads on porno are bad enough. I don’t mind all the bitching in the P&R forum and the occasionally acrimony in Games. What bugs me about the way the forums have changed since The Good Old Days ™ is how much stupid tasteless disrespectful crap gets posted. I wish people here would behave as if their wives or mothers could see what they wrote/posted.


No problem Tom. Hey I remember the old forums.


putting a cat on fire or setting a cat on fire? either way, that’s fucking disgusting. I’m pretty cool with most stuff, but I can’t handle animal cruelty.

The video was shown on anandtech, so if you wanna see it you can look it up there.

The cat was put in a cage and the owner doused the cat with gasoline. This went on for a a minute or two and then they lit a match and the rest is history. Hopefully it was a quick and painless death.

Actually this is what started the thread. In this commerical the cat gets his head cutoff from the powered sunroof but I believe it’s fake.


what happened to the guy. hopefully he was beaten to death slowly

and isnt anandtech a hardware site?

It is but they have a off topic forum.

I don’t know but I have a feeling the poster got banned. The mods at anandtech don’t put up with the nonsense that other sites allow. They like to ban and they will ban people if needed.

I almost watched it, but I can’t


The video where the cat gets his head cut-off from the sunroof is fake. I just wanted to clarify that but the other video is real. I didn’t post the link but if you go to Anandtech you can view it if you want.

If you want to view it just go to the issues forum and you’ll notice an outcry to ban the person that posted the link to the video.

The cat beheading was commercial was debunked by

I have no desire to see any videos of this nature. Thanks for removing it.

Yeah, let me toss in a similar vote. Not only do I not want to see them, I don’t want to hang out with people who do want to see them. Yuck.

Amen to that.

Holy moley, that’s a bit much. It’s plenty enough to have to read about it, definately don’t want to see it. For the same reason I never looked at any of the beheading videos.

I can’t believe the things people do just to get their kicks :x
I hope a bunch of cats go postal on his ass when he walks outside in the middle of the night :shock:

In this country being cruel to an animal (and getting caught doing it) will land you a lengthy stay in jail.

I have a cat, but no matter what kind of animal was set on fire there, it’s fucking disgusting. I have to wonder why you felt the urge to mention this in the first place.