Ugh....HAZWOPER refresher sucks!

Man, OSHA standards has got to be the dullest read ever. I have to re-up my certs. for work this week and I gotta be honest it’s a pretty miserable read. I know this is totally unrelated to anything, but I just felt the overwhelming compulsion to bitch a bit:)

I used to work at a place that required passing a bunch of OSHA tests, but I figured out that their quizzes were crappy, easily broken little web programs and I gamed my way through them. I don’t think I ever ended up actually reading any of the HAZMAT stuff. Had we had a major chemical spill, it woulda been every man for himself!

I thought this was going to be another lolcats thread…

LOL! For us, HAZWOPER is an all day meeting with some guy presenting the slides while you try to stay awake.

Maybe they assumed that anyone with the savvy to click “view source” and beat their quiz probably didn’t need to memorize a bunch of silly rules.

But more likely there was an online quiz system developed by the lowest bidder . . .

Unfortunately we have a health and safety officer in our company, so I have to take the exam tomorrow in person.

Yeah, that’s ours too except it’s a woman.