ugh stop trying to make second life happen

looks like james wagner au is still an ‘embedded virtual worlds reporter:’

I’ve never actually seen that Trump/swastika logo before. That’s actually a pretty good logo, I mean, besides it being a swastika.

I thought this would be a thread resurrection from 2002. I was wrong.

Second Life had like the best PR people in the business like 8 years ago. You couldn’t go to any mainstream news site without a story about them. Still never happened.

I put VR in the same hype bucket now I would mentally have put Second Life 8 years ago

Unlike second life, VR has some long term potential, but people seem to gloss over the massive physics problems involved, plus, the market (who will buy these, and for how much), plus the simple fact that sweaty facehugger devices, no matter how svelte, can never be that popular by definition.

When I say long term WRT VR, I mean “decades”.

Quote of the day.

I am of course reminded of this: