Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Apologies if this has been posted before.

The Ugliest Dog prepares for his parade.

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Holy crap! It’s the Crypt Keeper, reincarnated as a dog!

I think that’s the porcupine dog after the quills were pulled out.

Are you fucking kidding me? thats gotta be fake. Thats disgusting.

his appetite is back AND he is even trying to make babies with the yellow lab (in heat) next door!!!

What do you get when you cross that thing with a lab?

They must have got to it before it had time to finish.

But suddenly, a new contender emerges…

I really hope that one picture is deceiving and the dog does not actually have claws running down the entire length of its leg.

D00d, that’s the same dog, and the same owner.

jesus christ. Make it stop daddy.

That picture will haunt my nightmares for years to come.

Is that 2nd one an action shot of the first dog trying to make babied with the yellow lab?

Remember the dog from the failed teleporter experiment in Fly II? It mated with a er… lich, and possibly a raptor, going by those claws.

Sam was the runt of that litter.

IMO you fucking needed a lab(oratory) to make the disgusting little fucker.

Look at the happy owner. Somewhere, a married man thinks to himself several times a day, Why won’t that awful little bastard die already?

Holy shit. It’s Dogmeat!

OMFG! That was my first thought too! HAHA

I’m pretty sure I just killed 20 of those in WoW.

It looks scarily like the Sumatran Rat Monkey from Dead Alive.