UGO in talks with Ziff Davis to purchase 1up Network sites

From Joystiq:

This is good news in my mind. I absolutely love 1up’s audio/video coverage and have been worried for some time that they might close down. I’m glad to hear that UGO is apparently going to rescue that group and keep them operating independently.

I’m bummed to hear that EGM might not be around next year as I’m a loyal subscriber. It’s too bad that magazines can’t seem to stick around these days. I’ll certainly miss having EGM come once a month if it does indeed kick the bucket.


parts of Ziff’s 1UP Network, including, and

What other parts are there?

Shit! I even did a search for the term “1up” which the search bot told me was no where to be found. Damnit!

Sorry for the double thread. Please let this slide into oblivion where it belongs.