Uh, hey this seems like news: Sniper Attack on California Power Station


So…this seems news worthy to me, like big time. How did this happen 9-10 months (April 2013) ago and this is the first I am hearing about it?

I’m guessing because there were no fatalities. “If it bleeds, it leads” has an inverse corollary.

A weird thing in a similar vein that I’d always wondered about was the train derailment in 1995 with a manifesto left nearby claiming credit on behalf of the “Sons of the Gestapo”. They never caught anyone and the Sons of the Gestapo never surfaced again. Although I see on the Wikipedia page that the FBI eventually concluded that the manifesto was cover for a simple robbery plan.

Heh. I grew up very near there. I’m told that a few of my former classmates had some very uncomfortable conversations with the FBI following that.

Snipers, or drunk yokels? I’ve heard enough stories of drunk Texans’ rage against street lights to wonder.

Could well be. Shooting out stuff like transformers and street lights has been a tradition in some parts of the country for quite a while. Usually it’s not as systematic or prolonged as this incident, but it does happen quite a bit (or used to at least).

We limited ourselves to using high-powered spotlights to turn off streetlights by flooding their sensors.

I suppose it could be either, but 100+ rounds, breaking in to cut the cables beforehand, then fleeing one minute before the police arrive? That sounds a bit too organized to be drunks goofing around.