Uh oh, my Samsung Galaxy S21 will not turn on :(

I was out today for a while, using my S21 phone a bit as usual. After I got home I grabbed my phone and the display would not respond – just a black screen as if the phone was off. I left the house with 100% charge, and there is no way it should be drained or even lower than maybe 75% or so. I tried charging it and there is no response when I plug it in and the charger and phone are not getting warm so it seems nothing is happening (verified the charger itself was good with another phone). I tried a restart and forced restart using the power and volume buttons and got nothing.

In the old days, I would remove the battery for a bit then reinsert, but these phones don’t have easily accessible batteries anymore. I took the phone out of its case and didn’t notice any battery bulges or anything. I tried a few other ideas from Google/YouTube and nothing. I’m not willing to get janky and put it in the freezer or do anything that might cause further damage, so I will plan to take it to a cell phone repair place tomorrow. Those places always seem shady, but I’m hoping this is just a fried battery or something that an experienced tech with the right tools can replace. If I can get it back running (or even if I can’t, I guess), I’m gonna replace it immediately as the bond of trust is gone and it is about 2.5 years old anyway. I guess it will be a new S24 for me, but I hope I can revive the old phone to make that transition easier as far as setting everything up mostly the way it was.

Has this happened to anyone else with a recent model Galaxy or other Android phone? Tales of hope and woe are both welcome.

If the power and volume button restart doesn’t do the trick, I got nothing. GL!

Not sure if the S21 will power on without battery

Can’t really test the battery without taking it apart. Taking it apart is a PAIN IN THE ASS. If you’re planning to bring it to a tech let them do it.

How about sympathy? All I’ve got for you is sympathy!

If you are planning a service call somewhere, keep in mind how hardcore Samsung is trying to become about authorized repair personnel and branded replacement parts only. If you succeed in getting a cheaper thirdparty battery installed somewhere, future Samsung repair techs will probably refuse to do any work and nullify warranty.

Save the old battery and swap it again if that becomes an issue in the future?

If you’re going to a repair shop anyway it probably doesn’t matter, but I’ve had a few brick situations like this resolve by running down the battery completely and then charging. Would probably have to wait several days though.

I’ll take sympathy, for sure. It is a little alarming how disoriented I feel without being able to check my phone every 15 minutes. I even got slightly lost going to the phone repair shop and the Verizon store without GPS, as it is in a tricky part of town that I rarely visit.

The phone shop guy said they had the parts to test with, but then I got an update later that the spare battery they had was defective, so I won’t get the verdict on my phone until tomorrow. I stopped by the Verizon store to finalize my plan B to get a new S24, and it appears no retail locations (Verizon or even third-party) have the 256 GB models in stock, so I will have to order online, which normally takes two days to arrive. So if my phone is not fixed tomorrow, I will be phoneless for a couple days…

It’s plenty aggravating that you cannot just easily swap out a battery like in the not-so-distant old days (if that’s what the problem is).

Gah, now you have me worrying about MY Galaxy S21. I hope you get some phone soon, either yours or a new one! I’d be lost without mine.

I definitely feel unsettled. There are lots of little and not-so-little things I rely on my phone for. Even just running a few errands without my phone to fall back on made me a bit anxious.

It’s a good idea to keep a spare handset

But they give such good deals to turn in your old phone these days.

Something simular happened with my s22 ultra about a year ago. It was on, but the screen wouldnt light up. I looked up how to restart the phone on someone elses and it worked. Cant remember exactly what it was, I just remember being worried that I was actually doing a factory reset, and wasn’t sure if everything was backed up. It wasnt a factory reset, and haven’t had any problems since. I think it had something to do with the car charger I was using.

Semi related though, my son had an s23 ultra, and dropped it last week, screen cracked, and black. If you vigorously tap the screen it will light up briefly. Turned it into the insurance, we have verizon, payed $100, and they didnt have an s23 available, so they upgraded him to the s24 at no extra charge. It arrived in 2 days. Now he has an even better phone then his dad.

“Now he has an even better phone then his dad.”

You know there’s an easy fix for that, right?

Just remember the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold makes the rules "

A couple of years ago my wife had a newish Samsung phone that one day refused to turn on, just like yourself should have had plenty of charge etc. There were numerous reports of that model doing that, but in her case the phone had been a gift through her company and so she was out of luck for warranty. There was no fix.

I did not get an update from the repair shop yesterday so I am not hopeful. My new device should arrive today, but it will be a lot easier to get it set up the way I like it if I have the old phone working.

IIRC, you should be able to choose a recent backup made when you first log in which should remember your prefs, layout, etc. Although it has been awhile since I’ve done a setup without the old device thru whatever magic Google performs.

There are some things that only work with app-to-app (eg Whatsapp in practice for me with my last change), and if you haven’t been careful, things like 2FA are a nightmare if you don’t have access to the old device.

Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff I am concerned about.

Ok, Shop #1 says it is “unfixable,” but I did not get a great vibe from them despite the supposedly stellar reviews online (they seemed to specialize in cracked screens). So I am going for a second opinion at Shop #2 tomorrow before I write it off completely. Shop #2 is an authorized service center for Samsung, so maybe that means something.