UHR-Warlord iPad (Tactical Fantasy Chess kinda)

I saw this on Pocket Tactics and it kind of looks like a tactical fantasy chess. Price is $6.99.

I purchased the game and played through the tutorial. You have hit points on your pieces and win by reducing your opponent to zero. You get one point for killing an enemy piece or two points for destroying an enemy stronghold (these exist in the end row where the king would be in chess).

Each side has mana (called something else in this game) that allows the placement of 6 pieces total at a time, or you can use the points to move your pieces instead with a larger cost the more you do with that piece on a given turn. There are also spells to use with 4 different Warlords each having their own spells, though I believe each Warlord has the same type pieces (not certain on the last point).

The controls are very well done and I like the look of the game so far, quite fun and could be a contender for a league if others like it (yes it has multiplayer - not certain if it is asynchronous, looking over their website cannot find anything on it). Can play over internet or local (making me guess it is nor asynchronous). I tried multi but did not find a match, probably because game just came out.

Has two single player campaigns as well, not certain yet how strong the AI is.


I started the SP campaign and so far the AI destroys me though I have not really tried hard learning all the pieces. I am basically trying out different pieces but that will not work, I will have to start studying the various pieces and come up with a decent set of opening moves.