After a stomachache all afternoon, I now appear to be a couple hours into an ulcer flare-up. This fucking sucks.

Any tips on hastening this process along? Searches turn up long-term treatment for the ulcer itself, not flare-ups. Thanks.

Have you had it checked by a doctor? Most ulcers turn out to be caused by a bacterium, what used to bother you for your entire life can now be knocked out in a week of antibiotics.


My dad suffered from stomach ulcers for most of his life. He got checked out for a bacterium called helicobacter pylori, took a bunch of drugs for a few weeks and hasn’t had an ulcer since.

It was a hell of a fight getting the appropriate tests done, however, because the local MD refused to entertain the notion that bacteria could live in the stomach.

Well, the guys behind that discovery (Aussies, I think) did get the Nobel price and I think it took them about ten years, before their discovery got widespread acceptance. Your MD’s response was the general accepted one just a few years back.

And they deserved it. Next up: Toxoplasmosis Gondii and schizophrenia. Fight!