Ultima IV had a leathery manual AND a 60 page spellbook

just saying… I miss those days.

You can get a cloth map and printed manual if you pledge $140 to the Eternity KS.

How much did Ultima IV cost?

For $140 that better be a treasure map.
(Actually, that’s a pretty great promotional idea - you’re welcome).

I hear ya.

I am actually still pretty bummed I lent/gave all my old C64 RPG games to a buddy in college during a spell when I didn’t think I needed them any more. They included the original boxes, manuals, and notes from Ultima 3, 4, 5 and all of the Gold Box games.

I know I can still play them now in one way or another, but I still miss being able to browse through those really cool game boxes.

The first thing I used to do every time I got a new Ultima was grab a marker, the cloth map, and translate all the runic names to English.

Nerd Achievement unlocked.

I was a kid when I got Ultima 5, and I didnt have a manual (I bought it later on) and since the signs were all in Runic form, i had no idea what they said.

So, I took a sign near the main town since I knew the name of that (Wasn’t it Britannia?), and started out mapping the entire alphabet from that, by writing down all runic signs and putting in the letters I knew.

This took me most of a month, but by the end of that, I had succesfully transcribed and translated an ancient language on my own. I was VERY proud, and still am, actually ;)

It was an expensive game for the time: $59.95 in 1985 dollars, adjusted for inflation: $128.36 in 2012 dollars.

Treasure of the Silver Dragon (1980)
Treasure of Unicorn Gold (1981)

Yup, people forget just how incredibly expensive games were at the time. It’s weird to hear people complain about $50-60 games now when you remember paying more than that back in the 80s.

Exactly. Granted there is no more money being spent on fancy manuals, cloth maps, decoder rings, et. al., but games (PC) have actually gotten cheaper over the years. Even without Steam sales.

In game information is so much better now, which is nice because it was always a big pain to dig out my Bard’s Tale manual to retrieve the list of spells so I could type in their code.

Strategy guides these days have caused me to forgive the crappy manuals. Found some of my old guides a couple days ago. They were either black and white and printed on cheap paper or full-color on good paper, but thin. Now I’m getting thick, full-color hard cover books crammed with information, interviews, artwork, large pull-out maps, and placeholder ribbons at around the same price point.

I played Driver: San Francisco finally the other day. The manual is 2 pages long and includes a table of contents.

Which Ultima game had the pewter ankh in it? I used to carry that around with me all the time. Kind of a good luck piece.

Ultima IV. Also, V had the virtue coin.

And in the game you could meet the character that minted the coin.

The pewter ankh… Reminds me of the time a guy in high school saw mine and accused me of carrying a satanic object. I told him an ankh is not satanic, and started to explain that it was actually Egyptian but co-opted by this fantasy CRPG I had bought. He cut me off – “We’ll it’s not Christian!”

So Infocom had “feelies” – what do we call those pack-ins for other games? Tchotchke, maybe? But that indicates “cheap” and the Ultima pack-ins were anything but.

Well, whatever you call them, we really need a thread for photos of people’s collections, if there isn’t one already.

I should have guessed that it had already been done.
So the golden unicorn is still out there somewhere? That’s awesome.

Just wanna say: Mom threw out my Apple ][ Ultima II box (with cloth map) + Wizardry including hand-drawn dungeon maps when I was off at college :(

I’m not even mad anymore - just ineffably sad.

I wore mine clipped to the epaulet of my biker jacket, and in the local mall I was stopped by two very concerned guys who turned out to be Jews for Jesus.