Ultima IX

So… I confess to having been a bigtime fanboy waiting for this, only to discover the machine I had wasn’t even remotely adequate for what was released.

Now I can’t dream of playing Doom3 with a mere T-bird Athlon 1GHz + GF3 + 256MB RAM, but that -might- just be good enough to play U9.

Is it worth grabbing from the bargain bin? Is it worth my limited time resources to check out?

It’s probably worth $10 from the bargain bin, but it’s definitely not worth any serious time investment. They could have fixed every bug in the game and it would still suck. I know, because I actually bought it, got caught by no less than two gamestoppers that needed a patch to fix (including the infamous “save-in-water” bug) and eventually finished it. Don’t let the fact that I finished it mean much to you; I can’t help but try to finish every game I start, and it’s a rare one that I trash in the middle.

It’s not worth your time - - even if you were a fanboy of the series. I was, and I played and finished it - - because I kept hoping it would get better. It didn’t, and the finish was a dissapointment for the series.

There are other games that do it much better now - - the Gothics, Morrowind. If UIX weren’t an Ultima, it would have almost no redeeming qualities at all.

I, for one, actually really loved the game, but what do I know?

Gothic 2 is the best game ever, and I suggest you get it instead.

I can’t speak of Gothic 2, but I wasn’t a fan of the first (is teh second a marked improvement? could someone in my situation like the second even if the first didn’t do it for me?). Morrowind is really great in certain ways, paper thin in others. Ultima 9 is actually pretty good and it’s interesting to see just how much they were trying to bite off at the time. It’s far from perfect, but I did have fun with it.

I’m in the “I really enjoyed it” camp. By the time I played it, it was patched as fully as it got, and was pretty playable, and I had a good time with it.

That said, it was before Morrowind. Now, I’m not so sure I could handle it.

I would call it worth a bargain bin purchase. Play for a little bit, and judge for yourself whether or not it’s worth your limited time.

I had some fun with U9. It´s too hard to call it a bad game, IMO. Average sounds more like it. Of course an average game isn´t worth much in a genre full of very strong games.

The Gothics are the closest thing to U9, and they´re the clearly better games.

None of the mentioned games will be playable on your PC. 256 MB RAM is not enough.

Played it, loved it, generally ignore all the scathing hatred for it. Gothic 1 & 2 give it a run for it’s money, actually they probably blow past it. But they are not Ultima =p

None of the mentioned games will be playable on your PC. 256 MB RAM is not enough.

Thank you for that heartfelt affirmation of my inadequacy!